Satirical News: Rep. Carlos Zarate Proposes Pinoy Entertainment Supremacy Bill

Representative Carlos Zarate of Bayad Muna Partylist has decided to pass a new law after the arrival of BlackPink K-Pop girl group. He now drafted the Pinoy Entertainment Supremacy Bill which has the following provisions:
  • The previous proposal which says that Filipinos may no longer bring any books, DVDs or any media from abroad will no longer be allowed. 
  • Foreign entertainment will now be forbidden on TV, radio and the Internet. Filipinos can watch Internet TV but only for their local shows.
  • Badmouthing teleseryes will result to a 20-year imprisonment and it is considered non-bailable.
  • Filipino films and media will be exported abroad. If said country refuses to air them then said country will be antagonized.

He soon said in an interview, "It's a shame that Filipinos no longer appreciate our local artists. I couldn't forget the horrors that happened with the arrival of One Direction, the fact that Rurouni Kenshin's sequel movies defeated our local films and now more Filipinos would rather listen to K-Pop than OPM. This bill will ensure the protection of our local artists."

However, the very bill soon caused Rep. Zarate to be hammered by angry protesters. He was last seen badmouthing foreign shows on Twitter which caused him millions of hate replies. He was last seen having a migraine headache as a result.

Stay tuned for further developments!