Why I'd Listen To The English Voice Acting From Some Japanese-Made RPGs

While I admit that I prefer the Japanese voice acting of the Megaman series (because the dubbers back then are freaking lifeless), I don't want to have an American-English dubbed Super Sentai (and I'd welcome official subs anytime for U.S. release in the form of Shout Factory DVDs) but some English dubs are just as good if not better than the Japanese! Then again, there are times I just feel like saying, "It's better in English than in Japanese!" for some cases when it comes to some Japanese-made RPGs.

So why would I prefer the English voice acting when it comes to some Japanese-made RPGs? Not everything Japan makes is completely original and has some Western influence. Like it's so obvious that Marvel made Spiderman first, Janperson and Jiban are based on the American Robocop or that Dekaranger has been having Hollywood references in many of its episodes. The same can go for most RPGS -- most of them are based on WESTERN media. Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy obviously takes their roots from Western fantasies and take place in a very Western setting. It just feels awkward to have them speak in Japanese because they are well meant to be white characters in Medieval European settings!

So while I do enjoy many of the Japanese voice -- all the while it does feel awkward to have Japanese Anime or video games based on white characters while everyone's voiced in Japanese. I do listen to the Japanese dub every now and them but it doesn't "fit in" for me. Sure, some prefer the Japanese most of the time but not me. Hehehehehehe!