Farewell Beast Morphers, Hello Ryusoulger?

This just reminds me of how I practically chewed Megafarce out in spite of the hot girls. Now just thinking about Beast Morphers -- I even wonder why hasn't Power Rangers been pulled out of Nickelodeon? The summer break is among the many reasons why I end up disliking Power Rangers even more than ever. Then I decided to check out Beast Morphers and I even wonder what Hasbro plans with Ben and Betty -- are they doomed to be forever beaten up by the writers? Comedic characters are okay but let them do something useful other than getting blown up or fail. I mean, they can still be comedic while delivering the Beast Morphers team their upgrades!

Then I watched Ryusoulger a few days ago. I don't find Ichika Osaki hot -- I still find Jacqueline Scislowski way prettier. But you know what happened to Megafarce, right? I still chewed it super hard and burned it beyond its ashes without mercy! Beast Morphers after a few episodes made me think I'd probably rewatch Go-Busters even if it's not perfect -- no Super Sentai season is perfect all the while I still think it's better than Power Rangers. Just that the number of bad season count for Power Rangers has really been more than the good ones -- all the I while I still acknowledge Super Sentai still has its mistakes! There will be a few times that I'd still praise Power Rangers to a certain extent (such as having a good cast) though I'm afraid the 32-40 episode format for superhero shows derails room for development -- my favorite example being how Lightspeed Rescue and Time Force have a decent cast yet their limited room just restricts them. It's like can we really and seriously get that much development for a 32-40 episode format show? Though I want to believe that like Metalder (which got canceled due to lack of ratings) that both Lightspeed Rescue and Time Force may have been Vindicated by History. I don't even think they suck -- just that I tend to hate the idea of the 40 episode format. Same reason why I'd watch Combattler V over Voltes V too!

So what's with Ryusoulger? I can't believe that I'm actually watching it! I admit that I didn't immediately watch Kyoryuger. I still have my bad vibes on Daigo Kiryu though the show has impressive action scenes. Just that, I still think Gokaiger and Go-Busters are still way better than it. Even Abaranger which is ten years behind it is better for me in terms of storytelling. Yet, I can't deny Kyoryuger had good toy sales but I didn't like the merchandise designs. Ryusoulger now features sharper swords and better mecha designs than Kyoryuger. I also like the suits better though there are some obvious Kyoryuger references such as the color coding are there too. But it seems to throw back to Gingaman and Zyuranger to a certain extent. I do find the first episode impressive but more on a nostalgic scale. I just think of how I began playing Dragon Quest VIII when I first got a PS2 a decade ago!

I would probably still consider myself as a person who doesn't like Power Rangers. Sure, I watched some of them but just that it's not my cup of tea. I just feel like that I'm better of just ignoring it considering how much I've accumulated years of disliking it!