Beauty and the Beast

A beauty and the beast couple can mean an odd pairing between an ugly man and an attractive woman.  Okay don't expect a really frighteningly ugly man okay?  So let's just say Ryuji Sainei is seriously dating Ayumi Kinoshita (maybe at the end of Dekaranger, they were dating or perhaps now, well I don't know).  It would be like this- Ryuji Sainei is pretty lucky that a guy who's not attractive gets such a hot girl.  As said, appearance matters less except in identification purposes.  The girl could less how attractive she is because she loves the man who's ugly and the guy well accepts it.

So who says physical beauty is important for what is beauty if the inside is rotten?  Well I don't say that all attractive people are bad, it's always on the inside.  I kind of want to use Ricardo Medina Jr.'s photo after I learned he was such a douche.  I mean it was a shame I like his character yet the actor himself is far from the character he portrays. :(