Seriously Mo Twisted GET A LIFE!

I managed to read the ongoing Twitter war against Mo Twisted has not stopped as he continues to light the flames of war.  Ogie Alcasid made fun of his video (because it was so obviously staged) and later apologized.  Seriously Mo Twisted, when are you going to continue your "righteous charade" and all that?  Oh... don't expect to gain sympathy especially you have already gotten many girls heartbroken and/or pregnant plus it can't be denied you actually STOPPED sending your love child with Bunny Paras parental support, she is your daughter you nitwit!!!!  One day you're going to get what you deserve.  Oh I'm just here to ramble what I think of you!  Mo Twisted you are definitely this crazy...

Loki from Marvel Comics.  Seriously your pranks and mischief will get you someday!  You just watch out!  Bwahahahaha!  Must stop laughing.  

I just wonder how many more will you hurt.  I don't believe Rhian Ramos Howell will be your last.  Oh you scoundrel... I wonder how many more will you hurt?