Chinese Men and Their White Partners

Well I can't deny it but the trend of Chinese men getting white partners can't be denied, it's no joke since China has a huge imbalance between men and women in some areas so why not fly west?! With some Chinese men suddenly becoming quite rich (and tired of their traditional life) end up seeking white partners. Some of them have grown taller or perhaps found some shorter white girls to sit their own taste. Regardless, it may be more than just a fad, it could actually be a better reality to deal with. The usual norm was white guy-oriental girl but now the reverses are happening. So what's there to it? For me, it's about time to end the negative outlook each other has and living Bruce Lee's dream. Bruce Lee by marrying Linda Emery and teaching martial arts to blacks and whites bridged the gap... and apparently built a super race!

Wakin Chau's marriage to Constance Woods-Chau still remains stable even all these years... and yes a mixed marriage can work if the two will make it work! Strangely enough, they didn't meet in America but in TAIWAN where she was an English language teacher.