Delusion as Comedy in Writing

While checking out Akibaranger, I just figured out of how to use delusion as comedy.  Now just for a few stuff of my examples from delusion:

My first example might be what if it's an ugly person that has the inner ugliness you expect from pretty people.  This delusion can get pretty funny especially let's just say he's unusually ugly but he thinks he looks so handsome, he thinks no girl can resist him, he thinks physical beauty is important even if he has none of it and he's so much of a braggart he thinks that the girl he likes who rejects him likes him (stupid).  Maybe, this delusion can go worse if while he thinks he's so physically attractive when he starts comparing women he's attracted to like apples to oranges - which can go as funny as to compare a mentally ill woman who's fat, dark and ugly to somebody who is really pretty. =P  This falls under my favorite ugliness as comedy.  He's so ugly but he think she looks like Dingdong Dantes to the point the ugly girl he lusts after, he thinks she looks like Marian Rivera. =P

Perhaps the statement "Stupid people are so stupid they don't see that they're stupid." or "The only real stupid people are those who can't accept they're stupid." might work.  I thought of Patrick Star himself as the best example, no not Hant from Go-onger but Patrick Star.  I just had a thought that Patrick Star's so stupid he thinks he can do anything.  Talk about the episode Spongebob got the suds and he pretended to be a doctor... of course that wouldn't be funny in real life though.

Maybe I'll just add my favorite one- deluding to have that special talent when you don't.  Really, I have a tone deaf voice so I'm used to hearing tone deaf people sing but the problem can be when these people insist on auditioning.  Made me remember somebody whose delusion wasn't only that he was handsome when he was not but also he thinks he's got a very good voice, that he can be a good actor, a good fighter, etc. and when he auditions he's always rejected then replies, "Well I'm too good that's why they didn't accept me." or "They don't know real talent." type of garbage talk.  Just made me think it's funny on paper but horrid to face in real life.

The comic character delusion or any related ones.  I remembered in Batman somebody was deluding he was Zeus when he isn't... well now just a thought if the person deluded himself to be Superman he'd volunteer to do tasks he can't normally handle by himself.  Just made me think that this might not be the best comedy since the person could actually get killed in the process.

Maybe I should include the unrequited love delusion.  Well Spike's here but I'd twitch things a bit that let's just say he may soon be daydreaming of Mako as soon as he goes to Japan. =P