The History of Krabs Entertainment

Here's the history of Mr. Eugene Krabs and Power Rangers.  Mr. Krabs is the owner of Krabs Entertainment... a network that has been adapting Japanese shows for American audiences that can't make it into the U.S. due to the sissy ass TV-Y7-FV ratings system.  Like him or not, love him or hate him- Mr. Krabs has a history with Toei Ltd. and children's broadcasting.  He's also notoriously known into slipping into outrage every time Toei asks for the royalties he has to pay for every episode of Tokusatsu he adapts and usually messes up because he's cheap.  In the end, Toei gets the money from him anyway.

So he adapted Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger for the first season of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers which had sadly ended up becoming Mighty Moronic Flower Rangers when it overextended thanks to how cheap he can really get.  Not willing to lose his cash flow due to royalties he had to pay from Toei, so what he did was really not giving much credit to the writers of Toei which decades later caused Naruhisa Arakawa to get mad and write the Akibaranger episode "Delusional Import".  He had the help of Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick Star and Squidward Tentacles. During the formation of the Power Rangers franchise, it became a monster hit that it overshadowed Super Sentai because of stupid American superiority mentality.  MMPR was supposed to end at 40 episodes BUT getting greedy, Mr. Krabs prepared a budget to buy the Zyu-2 footage which he used to extend MMPR, then it got overextended to more seasons of meaninglessness.  In fact, it birthed the Zordon era that really just recycled, recycled and recycled.

So the Zordon era stretched from MMPR to Zeo to Turbo to in Space. Really, everything had to end.  But it suffered from a lot of bad writing too many to mention because he hired cheap writers or had Spongebob and Squidward write them all.  So he did manage to get something right during the Lost Galaxy era with Gingaman as the basis.  He adapted Gogo V as Lightspeed Rescue and was able to get the Titanium Ranger budget thanks to Squidward.  Time Force was the last decent show.  Midway, he had Wild Force which had underacting issues.  So pretty much, out of greed he sold the Power Rangers franchise to Disney.  But later, unsatisfied with what Disney does with all the flashy and expensive effects, he went bonkers and got Power Rangers back but it wasn't a good return. =P

Krabs Entertainment now Krabs Brands was being CHEAP when he did Power Rangers Samurai.  All he did was to try to make give it too much MMPR nostalgia.  So okay he did credit Yasuko Kobayashi (phew) but maybe only because maybe he was a fan of Yasuko Kobayashi's works.  But Power Rangers Samurai was so bad that Bulk and Spike really packed for Japan because they felt worthless.  So Mr. Krabs had Power Rangers in Nickelodeon at the same time he tortures Spongebob into doing overextension.  Poor, poor Spongebob.

Lately he is doing Power Rangers Megaforce the 20th Anniversary.  But how will he do it?  As far as reports are concerned, PR Alumni cast have other members who refuse the invitation because he's being cheap. =P