The Inspiration of My Spike/Rin Takanashi Jokes in my Oriental Fanatics Celebrities Blog

Well this all goes back to Skull's crush on Kimberly in MMPR which went from the zone of funny to being plain disturbing and creepy.  I did remember how Skull wanted Kimberly's affections though she never did return it to him since she was later hooked with Tommy until that stupid Dear John letter.

In Power Rangers Samurai, Spike had a crush on the Pink Samurai Ranger (and later Mia) though I don't think he is aware of it that Mia is actually the same person with the Pink Samurai Ranger.  Just my thought, to make it a little bit more nostalgic, I thought of what if Spike went to Japan and later ran into Mako instead.  Actually Mia could be older than Spike as well.

I just thought it would be more nostalgic to the Skull/Kimberly attraction in MMPR if Spike were attracted to Mako Shiraishi instead of Mia despite the fact the latter could actually be 10 years older than Spike, Spike is 14 and Mako is most likely 24.  So it's like Kou's crush on Lin (Kou was 9, Lin was 18) except here is a more foolish one.  So it ended up in my posts about Rin Takanashi in my celebrities blog about Spike wanting to marry her even if he's severely underaged at this point!


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