Just Some Adventure with Stingless Jellyfish

Well the word jellyfish would create bad ideas into the head but there are varieties that exist in Indonesia, Palau and the Philippines.  In my case, I went to an area in the Philippines called Sohoton Island (it takes one ride by plane then you need to ride by a boat) to which has a rather remote place where it's hard to get a signal on your cellphone... grrrr.  Based on my experience, it was the first time I heard of jellyfish that lost their sting and being able to swim among them was a really different experience.

One could try to scoop them up when they float into the surface but remember, please return them to the water ASAP because these are water creatures.

There is also the transparent variety though I ran into the brown ones more.

While you might think this guy is a fool, he isn't.  These stingless jellyfish are harmless and they are actually a freshwater type.  In my case, I have tried jumping into there and seeing the wondrous gathering of the stingless jellyfish.