Reading Different Type Of Books And Travelling The Great Ocean Of Imagination

I always thought about the idea that not so many people appreciate reading these days.  I mean, most people prefer a website if it had one or two pictures.  I just thought about what Belle said in Beauty and the Beast, "Some people use their imagination." to a rather boorish Gaston.  So I always thought about my type of girl, personality-wise would be someone like Belle.  I usually like the nose stuck in a book type of lady.

Why do I feel books are like water?  I'll admit people can learn faster through video presentations and I enjoy watching videos and pictures but as said, some people use their imagination.  When I started reading some classics like William Shakespeare and Victor Hugo, I started to use my imagination on how things happened.  When I start reading interesting books explaining certain topics, not having visuals give me a freedom of imagination how certain people look like.  Even when I enjoy having pictures but I would prefer to have my time imagining.  Sad to say but these distracted me from my actual studies because I chose to read literature and fly across the ocean of imagination.

I viewed reading as a therapeutic way to de-stress myself considering that life can be so frustrating.  Whenever I read a good book, I always feel like I am bit less stressed.  Whenever I read a book, it helps me learn from experiences on what to do and what not do.  I just thought I missed getting some good literature books to read because even with the Internet, there's really no substitute towards the library.  True I can use the Internet to find interesting stuff to read but the paperback books are there even without electricity.  It's been a long time since I have been doing some reading marathons which for me, I really want to do it again.