My Shallow Reasons To Stick Around With Tokusatsu?

From the 1990s up to 2016, I can't deny that I've got some stupid reasons to stick around Tokusatsu. It's namely EYE CANDY. But I can't deny that eye candy can't save a bad show but it won't save a good show. So I'd probably talk about some stupid reasons. Right now, Kamen Rider EX-AID has the pretty nurse Asuna Karino as a stupid reason to stick around and Zyuohger has Amu as a stupid reason to stick around. Amu's actress Haruka Tateishi looks like Tammy Chen who was my stupid reason to stick around Lavender's sad story.

I could still recall why I watched Mighty Morphin' as a kid. It's because of my crush on Kimberly though my first Tokusatsu crush was Hikaru who was dubbed as Kimberly. In-between them, there was also Maskman's Momoko and Turboranger's Haruna. While I do find MMPR rewatches painful now due to Jason David Frank but I can't deny I still like Kimberly over Mei in terms of appearance and actress. But still, a Zyuranger rewatch is always much more welcome to me.

A couple of years back, I can't forget that I took a break from Tokusatsu to stick towards Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean TV drama. I wanted something more appropriate for the older audience but nothing's wrong with adults watching new school Tokusatsu. As of late, I'm still enjoying what Kamen Rider has to offer, Zyuohger is fun and the issue of quality is not about newer or older but how it was done. But again, you know the problem of the generation gap. I always find it hard for me to watch some shows if they're a lot older than I am except for the sake of comparison.

I simply decided to go back to Tokusatsu whenever there's some attractive female character. That's just a dumb reason. I still couldn't get over how horrible Megafail was and not even its eye candy can stop me from bashing the show to such horrible levels of hate! Yes, eye candy is fine but it doesn't make a better show. It's stupid to say that Abaranger is better than Zyuranger because Ranru is much more attractive than Mei or that MMPR is better than Zyuranger (which I don't say it is out of preference) because Kimberly is much hotter than Mei. I may have enjoyed Dekaranger also for Jasmine but watching some Winspector and Solbrain episodes make me think that the show lacked the drama factor. But still, Dekaranger can be a fun rewatch... I can just ignore Dekaranger Ten Years After for all I care even if it's written by Naruhisa Arakawa.

In the end, I guess fans do have their own shallow reasons to stick around Tokusatsu. So what's yours?