Forms Of Entertainment I Get Involved With When I'm Taking A Short Leave From Japanese Tokusatsu!

There are times I simply want to take a short break from Japanese Tokusatsu after having a lot of really good servings from it. That means no old school nor new school Tokusatsu during that short break which may happen up to two to three years or a matter of a few months depending on my mood or how much Japanese Toku I've watched. I admit that I do take a short break from Tokusatsu every now and then depending on my mood. So what do I do when I'm on a break from Tokusatsu? Here's some of them before I end up watching new school Tokusatsu. There's been a lot of good slices but no amount of good gimmicks can ever prevent taste fatigue from long serving patrons.

Watching mostly new school Japanese drama

I may be blogging about Kamen Rider in my drama blog (Heisei era Kamen Rider has the J-Drama feel) but what if I decide to go after non-Tokusatsu type, slice of life stories? As a guy who likes J-Pop and Japanese aesthetics I don't see any reason why J-Drama isn't a good alternative route when taking a break from Tokusatsu. As of late, I haven't watched any J-Drama considering that most new school Kamen Rider usually gives pretty good offerings.

Watching mostly new school Korean TV Drama and movies

I'm not really a fan of K-Pop nor am I really that much of a fan of Korean series. Why I watch Korean shows is partly based on my admiration of Korean aesthetics and their cuisine though I prefer Japanese and Taiwanese series. Watching Korean shows can also be a good diversion. Remembering how I didn't watch Tokusatsu during my remaining College days meant I spent more time watching Korean shows. Ironic that I never considered myself a huge fan of Korean shows either.

Watching mostly new school Chinese TV Drama and movies

I still can't forget how I watched Chinese TV drama and movies in the place of Tokusatsu. As of current, I'm watching more Tokusatsu than Chinese TV Drama. I still rewatch some Taiwanese TV drama that started last 2001-present. My favorite sources of Chinese entertainment though hit under Taiwan and Hong Kong category than Mainland China itself. My favorite types would involve the Wuxia genre or sci-fi genre which may still be considered as non-Japanese Tokusatsu due to a huge amount of special effects. Some 80s series are worth checking out but I'd rather stick to mostly TV series that started from 2001-present.

Watching cooking shows or anything about food

Okay, I don't cook but I watch it for eye candy. The eye candy isn't necessarily the host but the food itself. I usually go for one type of cuisine after the other. There are times though I watch it because of a pretty host though the food is far more distracting. While I usually avoid most American shows because of how stupid a lot of them are (and my mind still suffers from watching too many American shows as a child) but some of the cooking shows can be pretty entertaining. This is fun to watch considering that I'm a heavy eater.

Playing video games both retro and new school 

I like checking out some old school games I didn't play as a child or I would check out newer video games. As a casual gamer I usually like picking on some old school games I haven't played as a child or some new school games after I get some reviews. Considering I was getting bored with what Tokusatsu offered for some time after Go-Busters, I thought playing a couple of Playstation 3 games that weren't "old" or just newly released would be a good way. While I usually don't watch American TV shows but I still play American-based video games. Though some retro-gaming can be so frustrating with problems like balance issues and super hard controls so I'm now selective about retro-games that I want to play.

Closing words

I develop a taste fatigue for the stuff above so I take a short break from them. Right now, I'm more focused on Tokusatsu and I decided to watch more of what I've missed. I find myself doing the stuff above while watching some Japanese Tokusatsu. I may consider taking a break from something else when that taste fatigue develops. I may find it more beneficial to my mind to enjoy one stuff at a time rather than watch everything at once. Then I tell myself there's always going to be something sucky in between and that nothing's really perfect but there's a learning experience for everyone when that happens.