Satirical News: Liberal Party Senators Filed Rejected Impeachment Complaint Against President Duterte For Maxine Medina's Loss!

As finalist Miss Maxine Medina did not make it to the top 3 the Liberal Party gets mad as the crown was handed over to Miss France Iris Mittenaerae. Senators Bum Aquino, Leila Dilemma, Francis Pangilinan and Antonio Trollanes IV have begun their latest move.

"It's the fault of President Duterte that Ms. Medina wasn't made Miss Universe. Do you see how the war on drugs has caused our candidate to lose. Many fail to give thanks to Nobita Aquino when Pia Wurtzbach won the crown last 2015. This will be used as an impeachment complaint that will guarantee that President Rodrigo Duterte will be ousted from power. It's because of all these extrajudicial killings done by the president that Ms. Medina didn't get the crown. I am a lawyer and I should have sufficient evidence of that." Senator Dilemma said in an interview.

The battle between Senator Dilemma and her archenemy Justice Secretary Vitaliano N. Aguirre Jr. continued. Justice Secretary Aguirre said, "What's the connection between the alleged extrajudicial killings to where Senator Leila Dilemma has no proof? Leaving the Liberal Party for PDP Laban was the best thing I did and not siding with Alan Impurisima was also a good move." Aguirre later apologized for his actions of leaving the probe earlier but has stated, "I am ready to accept any punishment from President Duterte but this doesn't mean that I won't do whatever I can to prove that Dilemma's up to no good. Even if Miriam Defensor Santiago had died last year it does not mean we will prioritize Ms. Medina's loss over the SAF-44."

The report was formally passed by Senator Dilemma, Senator Bum Aquino, Senator Pangilinan and Senator Trollanes IV. The report was passed but it did not escape the ire of Senate President Aquilino Pimentel III who is also a member of PDP Laban. Senate President Pimentel read through the impeachment complaint and placed it into the paper shredder. "That piece of document was garbage. We must prioritize giving justice to the SAF-44 and the missing Yolanda funds. So what if the Philippines lost the Miss Universe candidacy this year? What does President Duterte have to do with it?" said Senator Pimentel.

Meanwhile, Loida Nicolas-Lewis opened her mouth yet again saying, "See I told you Duterte should have resigned. Would have Leni Robredo become president then Ms. Medina would have won. Would we have Liberal Party as president all Filipinas will win the Miss Universe crown." The statement raised more ire not ever since Mrs. Lewis said that Kris Aquino should be president of the Philippines by 2022. Mrs. Lewis was sent more shut up notes by people who have had enough of her tirades.

Stay tuned for further developments.