Satirical News: Cynthia Patay Also Boycotted By Yellow Cab Pizza

After making a remark to boycott Cynthia Patay that Yellow Cab Pizza should be boycotted for supporting Duterte received heavy remarks. Eric Puno, Henry Lee and Albert Tan all proposed that they too will boycott Patay for her remarks.

"We don't need to the opinion of aging Cynthia Patay. She's already patay and her opinion doesn't matter. She wants to boycott us. Fine. We're making it a new policy in Yellow Cab that none of our branches may feature any of her songs or movies to be shown." said Puno in an interview.

The news reached Patay's ears that she got so mad. She responded, "Fine! They don't want to acknowledge me then the more this nation is passing through a dictatorship. They want their nation to be ruled by a dictator instead of the benevolent Aquinos. It's their loss. We are better ruled by the Aquinos especially by Kris Aquino who's most qualified to be president. Don't believe me... just ask Mrs. Loida Nicolas Lewis."

Stay tuned for further developments.