Satirical News: Cynthia Patay Said All Yellow Cab Pizza Outlets Must Be Burned Down

The phenomenon called "Light A Fire For Kris" has become viral over the Internet. Cynthia Patay now mentions that she is running for Senator to contest what she calls the tyrannical regime of President Rodrigo R. Duterte. A rally was held last 12:00 P.M. where Patay along with a group of protesters near a local Yelow Cab outlet having signs, "We'd rather eat dirt than support a pizza chain that supports a tyrant." 

"We are in dark times. Ask Chito Gascon and Loida Nicolas-Lewis. So our video to start a Light a Fire For Kris movement was launched. I hope that this will awaken the people that we are no longer a democracy. Those who eat at Yellow Cab Pizza support a tyrant. Which is more important? Yellow Cab Pizza and we're living in a dictatorship or eating pizzas that support the Liberal Party and we're in a democracy. Because of this, I am calling support to burn down all Yellow Cab Pizzas before I become Senator." said Patay in an interview during the rally.

"The reason why my husband Mar Roxas lost is because of Yellow Cab Pizza. The more people ate there the more they were drugged into voting for Duterte. Who says my husband protects drug dealers? That is a lie. It's Duterte who protects drug dealers. I don't need proof to prove to you that Yellow Cab Pizza's pizzas are harmful. They made people vote for Duterte. They must be burned down before democracy will die out." said Korina Sanchez-Roxas in an interview while she was crying during the rally.

"We will not stop with Yellow Cab. We will also burn down every establishment that voted for Duterte to protect democracy. This is a new Light a Fire Movement. We will topple down the Duterte administration. We will start with Yellow Cab. I am sure that those who wanted Leila Dilemma jailed also ate at Yellow Cab. We will not burn Yellow Cab only if they agree to join in the fight for democracy against Duterte. We are now a dictatorship and only the Liberal Party can restore democracy." added Patay after Korina wept recalling her husband's loss during the 2016 elections. 

"My late mother Esther Parada did what she could to restore democracy. Locking up the people who started the Light a Fire Movement was a mistake. I owe my late mother's freedom to the late Cory Aquino who is still the icon of democracy. If we burn down Yellow Cab then we are sure to destroy the dictator. Then the ICC will answer our pleas to throw Duterte out of power." said Jim Parada who backed up both Patay and Korina. Parada then sang "Batang Bata Ka Pa" but the song was met with deaf ears by DDS Youth Members.

DDS Youth who ate at Yellow Cab pizza then stood their ground and gave another set of rebuttals against Parada, Patay and Korina. They defended their right not only to eat at Yellow Cab Pizza but also their right to eat their lunch in peace. Parada claimed he was being trolled again but was soon met by a comment from a passerby saying, "Look who's walking."

Stay tuned for further developments.