Satirical News: Kris Aquino Mentions She May Be The Next Aung San Suu Kyi, Ready To Go To Jail To Protect Democracy

In the light of events that Kris Aquino will appear in a Hollywood film, she mentions in her interview where she said, "I may be the next Aung San Suu Kyi. The Philippines right now is under the rule of a mad man. Leila Dilemma is already an Aung San Suu Kyi. I may be the next. I am willing to fight for democracy. I am willing to become a political prisoner to preserve my parents' and family's legacy for a better Philippines."

Loida Nicolas-Lewis backed Kris up and said, "Mar lost and Filipinos were stupid not to vote for him as president. The Philippines would have been better with both Mar and Leni on the line but instead we have a mad man and Leni on the line. Filipinos carelessly voted for Duterte. Some people spent too much time at Yellow Cab and it is only proper that Cynthia Patay calls to burn those establishments down. This is a fight for freedom from tyranny of the Duterte administration. If Duterte becomes president and uplifts the economic restrictions of the 1987 Constitution then foreigners will rule over the Philippines. His plan to go federal-parliamentary will only benefit Manila and not the rest of the Philippines."

"I may go to jail for fighting for democracy in my intention to run for Senator for 2019 and become president for 2022. I will be like my late mother. We will lead EDSA to restore democracy. I will lead the Philippines to a golden age as your future president. But I must fight and if I have to go to jail for fighting Duterte so be it." said Kris as she cried in an interview.

Meanwhile in jail, Senator Leila Dilemma said in an interview where she was crying, "I believe that Kris Aquino for president will give us a just and fair society. Duterte is a murderer and a mad man. Kris is the only hope for the country. My being in jail together with Filipo D. Hippo and other CHR members who got arrested is the beginning of the end of democracy. Please vote for Kris for Senator for 2019 and president for 2022."

Reporters asked President Rodrigo R. Duterte about it and said, "How could Kris compare herself to Aung San Suu Kyi? I bet the lady from Myanmar won't find that flattering. She's not a good example for our country. She will just ruin the country further if she sits for president. That's the problem of presidential system. It's all popularity. I want to set a parliamentary system so even when I'm gone the system will run on credibility. As for Loida isn't it that the current system only benefits Imperial Manila? That old lady needs to shut up!"