Satirical News: #TindigPilipinas Plans To Invite Amos Yee To Speak At Ateneo De Manila University

#TindigPilipinas decided to invite 19 year old Amos Yee from Singapore to speak at Ateneo De Manila University. They think that he would be the best new spokesperson that would help them in their cause to restore their perceived view of democracy.

One of #TindigPilipinas' members Marbobo Roxas spoke about Yee's stand on Singapore. He said, "Yee is a clear victim of human rights abuses. He was put in jail by an unjust society. He does have the spirit that #TindigPilipinas needs and an inspiration that we all need. He's the millennial for today and we plan to invite him to speak at Ateneo De Manila."

Backing up Yee is UN Shabuteur Agnes Callamard. Callamard said, "It would be important that Filipinos should hear that he (Yee) has to say. Singapore is the top human rights violator in Asia. We must work together to maintain democracy. Yee himself will speak for those who were unjustly executed for bringing in shabu in Singapore. As said, there's no evidence that shabu can cause damage to the brain or lead to acts of violence."

A new event called "Voice For Freedom" is being planned by #TindigPilipinas at the Ateneo De Manila University. Members of #TindigPilipinas also plan to let American economist Ian Fletcher speak about why free trade does not work. Others will also include Callamard and Professor Carl Hart of Columbia University to speak on why shabu does not cause acts of violence to name a few possible guests.

It is reportedly said that Marbobo himself has already prepared an invitation for Yee. Callamard has signed the letter with other members of #TindigPilipinas. Yee himself says he will post a video on what great honor it will be to speak in ADMU. He plans to speak on why Philippines emulating Singapore is a bad idea and why it must remain as it is. 

Stay tuned for future developments.