Satirical News: Agnes Callamard Says That The Failed Dengue Vaccine Is Not Fatal

UN Shabuteur Agnes Callamard makes headlines yet again as she butts in concerning former Department of Health Secretary, Dr. Janette Garin's investigation for the Dengvaxia fiasco. After saying that there is no evidence that shabu kills she now says that there is no evidence that the failed dengue vaccine is not fatal.

"I was called by Chito Gascon during the time when Maria Isabel Lopez's license was unjustly confiscated by the Land Transportation Office. Now it's time for me to show empirical data from the World Health Organization that the failed dengue vaccine is not fatal. I will now show my studies that show that shabu doesn't lead to acts of violence, that Maria Isabel Lopez's violation won't harm anyone and that traffic isn't fatal and now I'll prove that the failed dengue vaccine isn't fatal. Even so, I am working on a study to prove dengue doesn't kill anyone." said Callamard in an interview with CNN Philippines.

The statement outraged several competent Filipino doctors not only in Asia but around the world. Her Twitter was attacked by Filipino doctors who called her an idiot for what she said. She went on a whole out rage war which was said granted her sleepless nights. It is said that she is planning to sue all those doctors who attacked her on social media in the International Criminal Court. She has tweeted on Twitter saying, "See you all at the ICC." before logging out.

Stay tuned for further developments.