Courting Lady Tremaine

If there's any courtship you could consider to be scary is if a man courts a woman who's like Lady Tremaine. Yes, that one. I thought of one time I fell for someone who had Lady Tremaine's cold demeanor. She was simply passable, it was easy to think she was a decent lady -- that's until all doors are closed and she reveals just how she may be the nicest person in public but behind closed doors that she's one FREAKING MONSTROUS INDIVIDUAL.

Yes, I thought about how the dark days of College were there when I met her. I just tried to talk to her and man she really, REALLY screamed at me. Worse, she would heckle and insult ANYONE for their weaknesses while she had a table of friends who were mostly after whatever she offered them -  all who benefited from her so-called generosity. She would rudely bring them anywhere to where she was invited but where they weren't invited.

What made her scary was that she always knew how to play the victim. She could make herself look like an innocent damsel. I remembered how after I made the serious mistake of physically inflicting pain on her after I HAD ENOUGH of her kontrabida (antagonist) personality - she decided to play the victim and say I assaulted her for no good reason. Truth was, I had enough of her bitchy behavior and I felt like somebody had to teach her a lesson. She tried to make it look like she did nothing wrong even if she knew for well she started a fight. Worse, she thinks that she can start a fight with a man and GET AWAY with it.

I started playing the ignore game with her. Why should I even waste my time on her. Recently, I heard she got married but I'd feel pity for that guy who married her. I can't imagine what mayhem she could cause right now -- knowing that she's a live version of Lady Tremaine!