The Death Of Stephen Hillenburg And Spongebob's Rapid Decline

Back then, I liked Nickelodeon during my high school to college days. I couldn't forget how watching Spongebob every time a midterm or final exam made me more relaxed than it was. But now, I just heard that Stephen Hillenburg the man behind Spongebob has passed away. So what's my thoughts? Spognebob is also at a rapid decline and it's no longer the same fun show I once enjoyed!

For one, I can't accept the whole monstrosity they did to Mrs. Puff. Mrs. Puff was supposedly a kind and caring person. That episode where she planned to murder Spongebob was the last straw. The show just got into the Jump the Shark zone after the first Spongebob movie. It shows Nickelodeon no longer cares about the shows that launched it (hence I deleted by slapstick fic for that reason). Heck, I don't even blame Butch Hartman for leaving the network for good! Not to mention, they are contributing to why Power Rangers is getting even worse than it was with Disney!

In my case, Spongebob really needs to get cancelled like Fairly Oddparents. I couldn't stand what they did later in Fairly Oddparents. I wish that the whole Grow Up Timmy Turner ended the series forever. But what happened? Spongebob is still going on and on. Why can't it just be cancelled if the show doesn't have anywhere to do? I hope out of respect for his creator that Nickelodeon won't keep overextending Spongebob to long lengths of agony! Please just cancel Spongebob already!