#ThrowbackThursdays: I Hated My High School Life So Much

I don't want to deny that while there are good things to look back to -- there are still some bad things that I could remember. One of them is studying in a rather difficult high school and barely passing every year! Not to mention the issue of high school life can be so difficult especially for a rage-prone teenager!

What sucked about high school for me? Teenage years can be that stressful especially with hormones that result to acne, when I think about how some girl of my dreams treats me like I don't exist, how I often competed with a former rival for a girl's affections, how there were the cooler guys who were spoiled by their parents and not to mention loads of pressure. Yes, loads of pressure especially when you had to study subjects assigned to your year level -- subjects that I just didn't find practical because I didn't see how they'd help me in my real life career!

What subjects were those? I could think about chemistry (especially stoichometry means one wrong move then BOOM), physics and not to mention higher mathematics. I didn't understand how calculus and trigonometry were applicable in real life. I just hated having to do all those huge equations and tables. Worse, I blamed higher mathematics to why my so-called girl of my dreams back in high school didn't answer my feelings for her. I was told it was because of my immaturity than mathematics yet I insisted it was the latter.

I just felt like every math class was just pure torture. It was really that excruciating for somebody who wasn't good in higher math! I had to learn how to deal with finding properties of derivatives and anti-derivatives, sines, cosines, tangents, quadratic formulas. I kept yelling out loud on what in the world would I need them for? I even thought I couldn't make it and wanted to quit high school many times but that request was never granted to me. I cried and told my parents that high school was so hard and they had it easy back then. But they would only say, "When I was your age we never whined about how difficult high school was!" which irritated me to no end! We argued endlessly because I wanted to quit high school because it was so difficult! All they seemed to do was put me under their shadow and brag at how "great" they were. What I didn't realize that they were simply trying to challenge me to stop whining about high school!

Then I realized if it wasn't for a difficult high school -- college would have been more difficult because I wasn't well-equipped. It's high school that prepares you for harder challenges ahead. People who didn't have it hard in high school ended up doing harder in college. I realized some people I know who had it easy during high school took too long to finish college. People who had it hard in high school are most likely to have it easier in college. It's all that difficulty that makes you realize what path you must take.

I look back at all those math subjects I looked at with disdain because I wasn't good with it. Then I thought how I would be using differential calculus though integral calculus is left for more math intensive courses. Then I saw how trigonometry has several applications and that even I could at least understand how it's involved. I just think that sometimes one's greatest pressure yesterday may become a pleasant memory in the future.