Superficiality Among Many in the Filipino Audience

It's pretty sad but true that that there are many (not all) in the Filipino audience who can be counted in as superficial minded.  Here are some ways it can happen:

One has to admit American stuff tends to get overrated not for their quality but for being American.  Seriously, American products are not always good.  I have to admit most American shows today are simply too simplistic and by following such crap, Filipino TV decays along.  Imported from America is NOT always good!  Besides NOT all American women are hot like Gracie Dzienny or Emma Roberts.  In fact, most Power Rangers' white chicks aren't hot either.  Power Rangers only got overrated because of the American superiority mentality.

They tend to believe a person all the time even if it isn't true all in the name of charisma... seriously how many people will keep listening to Mo Twisted's charismatic lies, half-truths and rotten accusations over the actual facts?!  Isn't it any wonder that a tsunami scare caused a lot of panic?!

Sometimes a quality show is not enjoyed for its inner content and just the icing like for example the hot chicks in the show.  Just think about if Super Sentai was enjoyed only because of the hot babes so it becomes an extreme favoritism for its fans.  It can go as stupid as, "Hey we don't want Power Rangers Samurai on TV, we want Shinkenger because Mako is so much hotter than Mia.  To be honest, Mako is our new Kimberly!"  Hic.  Talk about a good script left unappreciated of its true value because of the icing and not the cake!  They'll enjoy a bad show for the same reason too!  Hic.  Seriously!