Satirical News: Shippaiman Episode Two "Hostage Fiasco" Angers Some Filipinos And Nobita Loyalists!

Shippaiman Episode Two entitled "Hostage Fiasco" caused an outrage. Kenichi Endo did a dual guest role. He plays as big time tycoon Rukio Tanaka who owns a liquor manufacturing plant. The other role Endo plays is as the hostage taker Rorando Medora. The whole episode had several hostages taken from the Philippines who were going to Japan for a tour. It caused an uproar from Filipinos and Nobita loyalists.

The episode featured Kenichi Endo in a dual role. Prime Minister Nobita was seen having a good time while a bus full of Filipinos was hostaged by Medora. Medora is a fired police chief in Japan for accepting bribes. Medora wanting to be reinstated takes a group of Filipinos hostage. The rescue team sent by President Nobita are incompetent. It's shown President Nobita was at Tanaka's social gathering, unwilling to use any of his power to move during the hostage crisis. During the episode, Shippaiman fails yet again.

The Winsbraindraft team showed how any hostage crisis can be handled right. During this episode, Medora starts firing bullets and a group of irresponsible journalists from the Philippines manage to break in harming their fellow Filipinos. In the episode, Gregory Tomasu and Jules Chikafuji show their ability to handle a hostage crisis. Takeru Inaba is shown fighting the fake superhero Shippaiman. Medora gets apprehended with zero deaths. Shippaiman is shown to have been beaten up by the hostages at the end of the episode. Filipinos who agreed to participate in Shippaiman's second episode expressed their gratitude for being able to show the incompetence of the Nobita Administration. It was a slap on the face of outgoing President Nobita.

Some Filipinos who saw the show were angry. Neri Colmenares led a protest against Japan because of the show. Colmenares mentioned, "See what foreigners are doing to the Philippines? As said, you let them enter they'll bully us to no end." He said this while wearing a Seiko watch which was made in Japan and eating sushi during the rally. Commission on Human Rights members Filipo D. Hippo and Kasindak Puslit also shared their sentiments. "I can't stand this anymore! Pinoy Pride! How dare they make fun of us!" said Puslit in Tagalog. "How dare they make fun of Filipino time? That's it!" said Hippo. As a Nobita loyalist, Hippo said, "How dare Toei make fun of President Nobita! He's the best president the Philippines ever had! Why blame Nobita for the hostage fiasco. He didn't mastermind the hostage taking!"

As President Nobita hears people are making fun of him in Japan, he says, "They should be glad I'm stepping out of power anytime or I'd declare persona non-grata to all the people involved in the disaster that's Shippaiman! How dare they make fun of my chosen successor Mar Roxas! Mar would be better for the Philippines than incoming president Rodrigo Duterte!" President Nobita's status with China's giving him a persona non-grata is nearly over. The Chinese embassy issued a note that President Nobita may now freely enter China only after Duterte is inaugurated as president.

Sayaka Akimoto will soon be playing as Pia Wakamatsu, a half-Filipino and half-Japanese who becomes Miss Universe 2015. Ciara Hanna will guest star as her friend Gia Jordan who is Miss USA. Hanna expressed that she's studying Japanese for the scene. She's rumored to be "dating" the incompetent prime minister all the while Bum Tokugawa lusts after her and Gia. But all the while, a guest doctor played by Andrew Michael Gray will prove the rumors wrong. Gray mentioned, "After Megaforce's failure, I'm glad to take part in the epic series called Shippaiman." But Toei is still waiting for Akimoto herself to return to Japan after her vacation in her mother's home country.