Satirical News: More #LoidaLeaks Revealed After Filipo D. Hippo's Arrest

Filipo D. Hippo's arrest also led to the smartphones being seized from members of the Commission on Human Rights. IT experts who did not want their names to be revealed ended up showing that some of these operations were done in a Pisonet in Tondo. The computer where the Pisonet was used got seized for investigation. What came out was pretty shocking document between Loida Nicolas Lewis and the Liberal Party last March 9, 2017.

What is revealed are instructions for the Commission of Human Rights employees and other links that could charge the Liberal Party with treason and sedition. It is revealed that Nobita Aquino and Bum Aquino have slowly prepared documents to sell the Philippines' 7,107 islands to Loida Nicolas Lewis. The plan also involved installing as many Liberal Party senators as possible that would make a new bill effective to install the family of Mrs. Lewis as the owners of the Philippines. It also revealed her plan to partition the Philippines to the Nicolases and Lewises as part of her last will and testament in case she dies. This also revealed that her family will still have the right to install the head of state as their deputies to help take care of the archipelago as their vacation resort even when she is gone.

What is also revealed is that all-around troll and heckler of Get Real Philippines namely Blob Blabbersky is also one of her paid henchmen. He supposedly "moved" to Tondo, Manila last April 3, 2014 and later left after his condition got worse was also paid by Mrs. Lewis. It is later seen that Blabbersky is back in America where being fed huge portions by Mrs. Lewis returned him back to his normal shape. His "wife" from Tondo, Manila namely Mediokra Tamad is also hiding at New York City in a house paid by Mrs. Lewis herself. It is revealed that he was paid to go against economic liberalization and anything that could go against the Liberal Party's ideals. This also meant that his trolling of several cultural change groups was simply to distract Filipinos from accepting change.

So far these are the only documents revealed from Hippo's arrest. More details are to come soon regarding #LoidaLeaks.