Satirical News: Filipo D. Hippo Pleads As A Victim Of Abuse During ASEAN Summit

After the arrest of CHR Vice Chairman Filipo D. Hippo now the disgruntled and imprisoned CHR Vice Chairman voices out during ASEAN. It is revealed that he is still in Camp Crame where Leila Dilemma is in jail. He was visited by Liberal Party senators Risa Hontivirus, Antonio Trillanes IV, Kiko Pangilinan and Franklin Drilon. Along with the visitors he had are CHR Chairperson Cheato Gascon and Etta Rosales. Now he was given the opportunity to also voice out aside from Senator Leila Dilemma.

Hippo was seen in prison where he claims he has been a victim of human rights abuse. Most of his badmouthing has hit Justice Secretary Vitaliano N. Aguirre Jr. the hardest. The battle between both Hippo and Justice Secretary Aguirre happened last June 15, 2015. Justice Secretary Aguirre was known to have refused Hippo's case against Philippine Airlines because of the latter's missed flight. He called Justice Secretary Aguirre a dirty and bad man of a lawyer and that Senator Dilemma did an outstanding job.

"I am here to beg the ASEAN to hear my case out. The country is no longer a democracy but a dictatorship." said Hippo crying during an interview. He prepared a long written note which badmouthed Justice Secretary Aguirre as a mean and inconsiderate person. Among his complaints included the fact that Justice Secretary Aguirre refused him twice. One was the case against Philippine Airlines and the other was when he was temporarily apprehended for public night disturbance.

CHR Chairperson Gascon made his point, "The investigation was purposely done during the ASEAN Summit to prove how cruel the Duterte government is. Our democracy is dying. If ASEAN will refuse to hear us then democracy is truly dead. We have Duterte to blame for that." He was last seen embracing his friend Hippo in jail. Among the complaints Hippo filed was that Camp Crame officials would always scold him every time he was late for work required of prisoners. He said that requiring him to be on time is an act of injustice.

When asked about Hippo's pleading, his archnemesis Justice Secretary Aguirre Jr. only covered his ears and said, "Hippo is just making a fool out of himself. The same goes with Dilemma making a fool out of herself. When he was appointed he kept defending habitually tardy people. Defend tardiness and you destroy productivity. When they talk just close your ears. Remember be on time for your work or you'll end up like Hippo." He was accompanied by DDS Youths who joined him in closing their ears while Hippo had an interview on TV via ABiaS-CBN TV reporter Korina Sanchez.