Saturday, August 29, 2015

Satirical News: President Nobita Suspended From Playstation Network After Making Rude Remarks About Unfortunate Cancellation Of Mortal Kombat X For PS3 and XBox 360!

President Nobita cries as he's suspended from PSN!
President Nobita known to be a video game player (and a loser at Playstation Network) just made a crude remark to Mortal Kombat players worldwide.  While he was playing Mortal Kombat X online, he soon read the news that the last generation console was canceled.  Not soon enough, he stepped in to an online community and wrote, "You still have the Playstation 3 right?  That will do." to Mortal Kombat fans shortly after the cancellation.

However, this did not do so well.  It was confirmed that President Nobita skipped the earthquake drill which happened a few days after Tremor became available as downloadable content.  Rather than attend the earthquake drill, he decided to download Tremor and try using the new character.  Because of that act of rage, President Nobita has been suspended from ever playing online for his comment.  When President Nobita is allowed to play online again still remains to be arranged (TBA).  As of late, PSN has decided that he will still be under observation until further notice.

Mortal Kombat players not just around the Philippines but other parts of the world were not so happy with President Nobita's rude remark.  One person (who chose to remain anonymous) from Hong Kong on Playstation Network said, "Well what a rude guy.  I know I feel bad about the game being cancelled but he doesn't have to pour salt on our wounds that's just waiting to heal.  He can afford to play for all the microtransactions and the game because he is the president of the Philippines.  For that, he deserves his suspension from Playstation Network for such a tactless comment against gamers.  Besides, doesn't he have a country to rule or his band No Direction to rehearse?"

President Nobita was last seen crying like a baby after he was suspended from PSN for his tactless remark.  One cannot deny the comedy of President Nobita's tears.  His crying video got viral and has hit over 1,000,000,000 views in just a few hours.

So Mortal Kombat X Has Been Cancelled For Last Generation... Not Too Much A Big Deal For Me!

Well life has never been a bed of roses or two, even roses have thorns right?  So it's bee cancelled and if it can't be done, it's better than having a broken product.  So really, I was waiting and then... blam!  But if it can't be done, then it can't be done, right?  So it's time to get a refund for the pre-orders.  Meanwhile... I still want to tell the console snobs that they may have their "victory" now but it's no reason to bully others.

When I think about it, I DID NOT immediately get a Playstation 3 when Mortal Kombat (2011) came out.  I still stuck with my Playstation 2 and waiting for prices to drop.  I just played my cool games in the old school system and got my PS3 last 2013.  So really, by waiting I was able to get my Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition instead of having to pay for the four DLC characters, had the Klassic Costumes and you might consider, bought stuff at a cheaper price.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Satirical News: Habitually Tardy Pinoy Filipo D. Hippo Loses Case Against Lucio Tan!

The case of Filipo D. Hippo vs. Philippine Airlines' Chief Executive Officer Lucio Tan has now raged after a few months of pending since more cases had to be answered.  Senator Judge Miriam Defensor Santiago served as the presiding judge of the case to Hippo's case against Tan.  Atty. Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. attended to the case of Hippo believing that it was a case of misinformation but was terrified at the look of Senator Judge Santiago who began a rather short trial.  Tan was defended by one of his lawyers who chose to remain anonymous.

Atty. Aguirre began to open his case for Hippo by stating that there is nothing more important than human dignity, that the defendant Tan had violated the plaintiff's rights.  He had spoken almost in the same tone as he spoke during the impeachment trial of former Chief Justice Renato Corona.  As part of the case opened by Atty. Aguirre in Hippo's behalf, Tan was accused of providing misinformation that caused the plaintiff to miss his flight.  Hippo was shown to be crying and telling Senator Judge Santiago that he was lied to by PAL about the schedule.  He also stated his statement, "I am never late, time will wait for me." to justify why he showed up one hour late to the trial.