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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Problem Of Having Jim Paredes-Minded People In Certain Fanbases

After the incident involving the really stupid Jim Paredes (who's just shown a lot of reasons why healthy minded Filipinos have every right to disregard him), it's time to talk about the Jim Paredes-minded fanbase. Take note that "Jim Paredes-minded" is just an informal term that I use to describe such people in a certain fanbases. So what's with the Paredes minded mindset? In short, they're a couple of control freaks who act like they own or control a certain fanbase and only they should be heard and that only they know about the certain fanbase.

Jim Paredes-minded members of any fanbase tend to say that I like this then you should also like this. Instead of convincing people why people should like what they like in the best way possible - they act childish towards others. Such people get offended when others don't share their preferences. They can violently react at others' opinions or even force them to agree with them or else. They can make a lot of unsubstantiated claims like Paredes did just to feed their Paredes-minded egos in one way or another. They think their preferences are the best and that everyone else' doesn't count. They may even ask other people to stop sharing different views because they're "so hurt" never mind they're actually the ones hurting others with their stupidity and arrogance like Paredes did during the EDSA celebration.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Satirical News: #LeniLeaks And #LoidaLeaks Reveal Plan To Launch Robredo Facial Cream

Yes this is part of #LeniLeaks!

After several investigations of #LeniLeaks and #LoidaLeaks something else came out. Loida Nicolas-Lewis was revealed that she has already a new facial cream at the works. Investigation has revealed this new product called "Robredo Facial Cream". The draft ad revealed a picture of Vice President Leni M. Robredo as the model for the new facial cream.

One of the failed to cover leaks reveal Mrs. Lewis' master plan to distribute "Robredo Facial Cream" to Filipinos for use. The cream is said that it will make your face thick. Leakage also showed that Vice President Robredo herself was its test subject. After several tries her face had already become thicker in three days prior the May 2016 elections.

It was later confirmed that Senator Leila Dilemma had been using samples of the Robredo Facial Cream as another test subject. DOJ Secretary Vitaliano N. Aguirre Jr. said, "No wonder Leila's face is thicker than usual. She was using this new facial cream to give her no shame." Later leaks prove that Senator Dilemma was also a test subject of Lewis' facial cream that makes faces thicker in three days.

Stay tuned for further developments.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Satirical News: Dilemma Remastered To Be Filmed In New Bilibid Prison

With the remastered version of "Dilemma" by Kelly Rowland having completed its lyrics, the event that everyone waited for finally arrived. The new version of Dilemma will be filmed at New Bilibid Prison. Rapper Nelly and Kelly Rowland secured permission from the Duterte Administration to film their new music video at the New Bilibid.

"Normally, we don't allow filming in Bilibid ever since Herbert Colangco's videos came out. But this is a special case. We will allow Nelly and Kelly Rowland to film their music video in Bilibid because of what happened." said President Rodrigo Duterte.

A contract was signed between the Philippine government and Rowland. Nelly will act as Ronnie Dayan and Rowland will act as Dilemma. As agreed, the Philippine government will be given royalty fees for allowing the new version of Dilemma to be filmed in Bilibid.

Stay tuned for further details.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Satirical News: Senator Antonio Trollanes IV To Be Appointed As Assistant Secretary Of The Department Of Energy!

After an exchange of tirades, Senator Allan Peter Cayetano soon said, "If there's a power shortage then let's use Senator Trollanes. There's no problem with electricity because he's always electrified." Energy secretary Alfonso G. Cusi at first wanted to object to appointing Senator Antonio Trollanes to the position but later accepted.

"I wanted to reject Trollanes as my assistant secretary but now I see the purpose. He's always been electrified or electrocuted. Just think how much we can save on power generating. We can have alternative energy sources such as the wind or the sun. Trollanes himself will be part of the alternative energy sources program." said DOE Secretary Cusi.

Stay tuned for further details!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

There May Be Non-Japanese Tokusatsu Fans Who'd Read Subs But Won't Bother To Fully Learn Japanese

With Shout! Factory releasing Super Sentai DVDs and non-Japanese fans getting the benefit of Tokusatsu with fan subs I want to think about another group of people. Some want to watch the subtitles because they want to learn Japanese. But others just watch subtitles because they might be the type to say, "I don't want a dubbed Super Sentai! I want to hear the real voices instead!" Then came Shout! Factory releasing Super Sentai but there's no sign that they may release more stuff.

So why are some non-Japanese Tokusatsu fans not so willing to learn to speak Japanese? I think these people are probably that weak with languages or real life is really getting into them. Just talk about the busy schedule people may have. One good example would be academics and the other is work. Maybe some of them are willing but real life affairs gets it out. They may have been initially willing to learn Japanese but end up not willing to learn it unless their job demands it.

There may be others who are still stuck with still learning at least one foreign language. Trying to juggle between several languages at once can be tiresome for some. Some people may quickly absorb them but not everyone can do it. Either way, I understand why some people are willing to read subtitles but don't have the intention to learn Japanese.