Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Satirical Essay: The Philippines' Future Is So Bright, An Economics Essay By Blob Blabbersky

Blogger's note: This is just my PIECE OF WRITING and Blob Blabbersky is just a fictitious character I cooked up, based on some Murican who is getting my nerves... expect a long essay of nonsense and tell me what you think and how stupid my essay is.. since I am pretending to be as stupid as him!.

So I am here seeing the Philippines has a bright future, got to wear shades... it's so bright!

Wow you people at Get Real Philippines and Anti-FLIPFAG never see how blessed you are with the problems you keep complaining.  Allow me to enlighten you about the foolishness of your thoughts, you never realize how blessed you are a country.  Your country has a very bright future compared to America the source of all evil, Singapore the mother of tyranny and other nations.  You are indeed the light of the world as Kit Tatad says and let me tell you why.

Protectionism is good... you don't realize how protectionism helped the economy prosper.  You businessmen should be blessed because you will have no competition.  60/40 is good, any other form of business model is bad.  If you allow 100% ownership then the foreigners will take over, you will lose your holiness as a nation, the only holy nation of Asia, the light of Asia and the world.  But if you stick to OFW phenomenon, you Filipinos are taking over the world and bringing light to the world compared to America that seeks to corrupt the world into darkness.  America is the source of all the world's evil as you see it.  You can continue to rely on OFW remittances and there is no such thing as a guilty OFW.  As you see, with protectionism, your economy will improve and do not remove it.  Do not allow more than 40% for you are the light of Asia!    Continue to rally for your OFWs because they are never wrong, they are a holy people and you are taking overt he world.

I would like to address how I love the Philippines compared to Singapore.  Never forget the injustice that they did to Flor Contemplacion twenty years ago and later, Singapore never repented of the injustice.  Singapore itself is a city of tyranny.  Just think you are fined for every little act like littering and vandalizing, you get caned... screw with discipline.  You want to become like Singapore and lose your freedom?  Look what they did to Edz Ello... they just framed him because they cannot accept one day, you are destined to take over it and Hong Kong, all places of tyranny.  You are more blessed than they are because you have so many holidays, so many fiestas, so many partying, you all live a carefree life.  I see how happy indeed are the poor... they have no money but have lots of children.  Look Singapore has so less fiestas but Philippines, so many fiestas and you are blessed with so many feasts that's why I want to migrate to the Philippines!  If you ask me, I would kill myself if I had to follow all those rules in Singapore, your country is so lenient and free I love it.

Filipinos, be happy for your current state.  You are indeed blessed.  You must be happy for what you are, truly a blessed nation of freedom and poverty!


Oh boy, some issues don't die do they?  After knowing about Mortal Kombat X's delayed release for the Playstation 3 and XBox 360 (which I can understand due to development reasons and I can wait, it's a want and not a need) and I know I freaking pre-ordered for the game, some Playstation 4 and XBox One owners are already picking on the previous generation owners just because... well for the heck of it.

Wow it reminds me of how as a child, I nearly made a foolish decision to get myself a Super Nintendo, something I NEVER had.  The Super Nintendo was a 16 bit version of the original Nintendo and well, I was simply stuck with an 8-bit system for some time and I had a Playstation One later in life.  I just thought about how I wanted to "stand up" to those "cool kids" who were pampered and doted by their parents.  Man, it reminds me of the FOOLISHNESS of being jealous of such people or how dangerous jealousy can be to its receiver.

So what's the big deal?  Remembering the 90s, I remembered how my peers were "Must have this..." or "Oh you must be rich because you have this and that." rather than, "You are rich because you have high savings."  What surprised me was that the braggart who had a Super Nintendo, a Sega Megadrive, etc. was hardly rich and me who didn't have all the obsolete consoles back then had more spending power.  I am thinking about how the console wars just keeps going on especially how PS4 and XBox One owners are picking on Playstation 3 and XBox 360 owners.  As of late, Mortal Kombat X has to be released as agreed or Netherrealm will be suffering from backlash.  The PS3 and the XBox 360 needs a decent send-off.

A lot of times, people feel rich only because they have the latest fads, but I sometimes want to imagine them to be loaning money from somebody else and being unable to pay that loan because of one's extravagant lifestyle costs a lot of money.  Sometimes, people are very rich because they do not live extravagantly.  After all, just think if you buy EVERY SINGLE CONSOLE available and how much it will cost PHP 20,000+ and well, the XBox One may cost just as much.  Back to the 90s, what if you had to have EVERY CONSOLE... the idea is very mind-blowing especially my main concern is more on savings vs. spending.  Sadly, those console Nazis may not even concerned about saving at all right?

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Victoria Justice Pictuers For May 26, 2015

Well here's my favorite Nickelodeon girl, Victoria Justice which reminds me of my old fling back then...

It's time for her fitness tea...

She's sweeter than that strawberry...