Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Why I Now Use Failipino/FLIPFAG Instead of Pinoy for Bad Filipinos

Better yet know as FLIPFAG pride...

In the past, I have been using Pinoy as a term as the Get Real Philippines website defines the Pinoy as the bad Filipino.  In Get Real Philippines, they call the Pinoy as the bad citizen of the Philippines who is lazy and inconsiderate.  However the term Pinoy like the term Negro or Intsik can used neutrally.  The word "Pinoy" is a demonym which is a term for the residents of the locality.

Using the word "Pinoy" in a derogatory manner can lead to offensiveness not just to butthurt bad Pinoys but also to good Pinoys.  A good Pinoy may not react like a bad one, however he or she may say, "Sir/ma'am not all Pinoys are bad just like not all Americans are bad."  Pinoy can just be used neutrally like how sometimes, the word Filipino or Chinese can be classified as a good one or a bad one.  Sometimes, Pinoy can refer to "ethnic Filipinos" in general or Filipinos are descended from the natives of the Philippines, who by the way are also composed of Malaysian and Indonesian settlers plus 400 years of Spanish rule added Spanish blood.

Now what about the term Failipino or FLIPFAG?  Just as the term "Murican" can be used to be a word to mean "Bad American", the term Failipino is always a derogatory word for note, bad Filipinos  who can be classified as oversensitive, ethnocentric, not willing for change for the better or that he or she is not which leads to the failure of the nation hence the term FAILipino which is different from Filipino, which can be a neutral word to to simply refer to a "citizen of the Philippines" or "Pinoy" as those who are supposedly Filipino by blood.  In short, the word Failipino is NEVER a positive word like the words evil, malevolent, maleficent, malicious, perverse, etc. the word Failipino will always be a derogatory word.

FLIPFAG stands for Failipinos Loving Ignorance/Incompetence Purposely (or as I add Perpetually) For All Generations.  That is they think incompetence and ignorance are knowledge and competence, they think that all their wrong practices like not following simple guidelines, being always late, fiesta mentality, praning culture, etc. makes life worth living in the Philippines.  The view themselves to be the greatest hence they consider every valid criticism as an act of insult and put-downs, even when the critic just wants to help.

Again, when you want to call a bad Filipino a more stinging name, call him or her a Failipino or a FLIPFAG.

Power Rangers is Certified Legitimate, Plain and Simple!

As if the Powtards who refuse to acknowledge Super Sentai isn't enough, one may already consider the grave threat of Sentards... yes Sentards.  While I can respect Super Sentai fans who choose not to watch Power Rangers like I choose not to watch Ultraman, because it just doesn't interest me.  However Power Rangers is legitimate through and through.  It's partly owned by Toei.  Yes, Saban had registered the name for his own yet he acknowledges Toei as a co-owner in the credits.

Common sense should at least ASK the question above.  For those who think that Kenji Ohba "admitted" that Power Rangers is bootleg with the term "recreated" he DOES NOT.  Please notice even thanks the people who went to the Power Morphicon during the time he endorsed that video.  If Power Rangers were fake and bootleg, and one may consider this, why hasn't Toei even dared sue Saban into oblivion?  If Saban were leeching on the money, Super Sentai could have sued him or at least, deny him the rights.  But think about this one fact you might consider about Super Sentai.

First, pre-Zyuranger era was an era of a lot of old hat special effects.  They had to budget between action scenes and special effects.  But after MMPR came, it meant MONEY for Toei.  Bandai produces toys for Toei-related franchises as well.  Power Rangers is included with its merchandise all part of Bandai and Toei.  If Power Rangers was leeching off the money from Toei and let's think of HOW LONG Power Rangers has been around (1993-2014), shouldn't have Toei gone into oblivion if that was the case?  But still, Toei has more budget for more costumes, more special effects and Power Rangers as a franchise PAYS its royalties to Super Sentai.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014