Gracie Dzienny Pictures For July 5, 2017

Listening To Dubs VS. The Art Of Reading Subs

Remembering The Sony Playstation VS. The Nintendo 64 In The 90s Console Wars

Gracie Dzienny As Clementine In Zoo

Walking Once Again In My Childhood Memory Lane

Satirical News: Marbobo Roxas Said Philippines Is Better Off With Him Than President Duterte

Gracie Dzienny Pictures For June 30, 2017

Satirical News: Antonio Trillanes IV To File Case Against BBC Interviewer Stephen Sackur

Satirical News: Rumor Has It That Nobita Aquino And Leni Loud Robredo Are Dating

Satirical News: Leah Navarro Says That Celebrating Fiestas Must Be Done Even In Times Of Crisis

Gracie Dzienny Picture For June 6, 2017

Satirical News: Agnes Callamard Says Expired Relief Goods Pose No Health Hazards

Satirical News: Josie Rizal Speaking In English Instead Of Tagalog Angers Some Filipino Gamers

Satirical News: Marbobo Roxas Files Electoral Protest Against President Rodrigo R. Duterte

Satirical News: Marbobo Roxas Says That Matae Crisis In Marawi Would Have Never Happened If He Were President