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Monday, October 24, 2016

What I Feel Like Watching Super Old School Tokusatsu Older Than The 80s!

It's never a matter of old school or new school when it comes to good or bad quality. What's old can be good or bad and what's new can be good or bad. You can't just say that it's old school or new school then you're dismissing it. You can't just say because it's new then it's already good. It's a matter of how something is delivered. Some old school games will inevitably age badly when new school games produce something that will inevitably overshadow the former.

I just had a thought on what it is to actually watch "That 70's Tokusatsu." It's no secret that I'm not having much of a problem with new school Kamen Rider. No matter how bad Heisei Kamen Rider may get (at times) but most of them gave pretty good servings. I usually prefer mostly old school Super Sentai but I usually feel like Goranger up to Sun Vulcan may not be my cup of tea. I usually can't watch super old school Super Sentai to the point that I end up still watching super new school Super Sentai series when given a choice. I'd still watch Kyoryuger over the overly simplistic Battle Fever J. But again, I usually prefer old school from Goggle V up to Gokaiger. But it doesn't mean I won't watch anything new if there's a good story to enjoy. Kamen Rider EX-AID sounds pretty interesting to me. Zyuohger may not be the best but I'm liking the plot.

The Lovely Kayla Coffland

After Megafail's well Mega-Failure, I really couldn't watch Power Rangers anymore. I thought I'd give Ninja Steel a chance for stupid reasons when I read all the possible auditions. Kayla Coffland was part of those auditions. But after she didn't make it, I thought I'm not giving Ninja Steel a chance either. 

Love her smile. 

Friday, October 21, 2016

Gracie Dzienny's Fall Pictorial

What can I say? She's really looking gorgeous here! I'm tempted to call her the most beautiful woman in the world right now... but that's just an exaggeration. 

Must love that smile!