Friday, January 30, 2015

Recalling My Painful Teenage Courtship.. But Not My Ex-Girlfriend!

If there was some girl I really got so crazy about (as a teenager) was not my ex-girlfriend but some girl I thought was so hot when she was not.  I could start to write about it to maybe, at least, let go of some steam because my ex-girlfriend reminded me I am free to find another.  In my case, I even wonder if I truly loved my painful teenage courtship or not.  But here goes... which I would admit she was two years my junior and I really was enamored with her.  I thought she was really pretty (then again, it's relative) but it was a result of underexposure.  Right now, I can't even bear to look at her or to even entertain her.

Everything that happened wasn't so easy.  What I can recall was that she was known for her brains.  Boys wanted her because there weren't much choices.  I painfully wanted her for selfish reasons.  I fell in love with her at... first slap.  I considered her a challenge to get because she was one of the top students in school.  Perhaps I was attracted to her intelligence, like I was to my so-called first crush.  Again, I believe I just wanted her for selfish reasons because she would certainly be high approval material.  Her mom was a close friend of my late dad, I wanted her for my wife and I was practically only a teenager facing immaturity issues.

The immaturity issues were pretty serious.  I always talked about her, I talked like she was the prettiest girl I met (at least in my eyes) and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.  I said I'd never fall for another.  Because of her being a top student, I always deteriorated myself and cried over her.  I was doing poorly back then and I always had issues with my teenage lovelife.  Not long after, I wanted to get revenge on her one way or another.  I was told that I needed to wait because somebody better may come along the way.  Maybe it was just not time.

It didn't take long that when I heard my real first crush had grown so gorgeous, I thought, "Revenge would certainly be sweet."  At the same time, I was already starting to get some success with my ex-girlfriend who probably just dated me out of sympathy or not.  I started to be so desperate over her that my hatred for a classmate intensified.  I was willing to kill her other suitor (who forgot about her and is now married to somebody else) just to have her.  I soon got into selfish interest with her, I wanted her for selfish reasons.  I probably only cried not out of concern but because... I wanted her for selfish reasons.

Not long after, I realized my mom had shunned her as a possible daughter-in-law.  But by then, I had been chasing after other girls and I had properly ended my relationship with my ex-girlfriend.  Although my ex-girlfriend and me remained friends, she reminded me how other girls may get hurt because of my selfishness.  All I can say was that courtship was just a result of immaturity.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

My Thoughts on Victoria Justice Shedding Her Nickelodeon Girl Image

Well Victoria Justice already graduated as a Nickelodeon girl and when I heard she will star in an adult series called "Eye Candy", I was thinking about everything I liked about her as a Nickelodeon girl.  I remembered her good looks, charm, natural acting... she really just deserved her big break.  Ont he other hand, it's nice to see her keep her natural charm as a person even if she's no longer a Nickelodeon girl.  She started off with Disney and later ended up with Nickelodeon.

Looking at this video, I really love how natural she is in this interview.  She talks about how she's gone from a Nickelodeon girl into acting in a more adult series.  I just love the idea of suspense, her character stuck in a dangerous maze... I hope she comes out victorious (pun intended).  I would admit she's pretty natural one way or another... and so what if Victorious Season 4 got cancelled?

On the other hand, what daring role will Victoria Justice do next?  I just can't wait!  

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Finding A Woman With Belle's Personality

I could easily overlook Belle's beauty for her inner character.  Somehow, there are other prettier Disney princesses but something about Belle magnifies beyond her good looks.  It's the fact she's portrayed as a geeky, nerdy girl who loves reading.  She is also a very kind person and she won't fall for the likes of Gaston.  Although my only complaint is her lack of glasses... although it's possible she's a near sighted person.  So how did that affect me?

Remembering the time I played Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, my ideal bride was Mary.  She's the librarian and daughter of the gardener Basil.  So Mary dresses up like Belle and actually, she's quite pretty without her glasses.  So pretty much, Mary in Harvest Moon is a girl whose nose is pretty much stuck in a book.  In my case, I soon started to think of looking for girls who were bookworms.  I always thought about it that it's hard to find a bookworm these days.

I always thought that I used to search for Belle on the outside.  What is important is to search for Belle on the INSIDE.  I always thought about it that it's hard to find someone who's like Belle on the inside.