Friday, November 27, 2015

Relax, The Turkey Isn't Torin From Kyoryuger!

This Kyoryuger or Dino Charge picture tells us that Torin didn't make it, he became stuffed turkey? Nah, Torin was way too huge and that turkey there is a regular sized turkey. So don't worry, he's still around. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

Since When Has Liking Power Rangers Been A Criminal Offense?

Looking at this picture, I can understand why the thief and the rapist are getting beaten up. But the Power Rangers fan? Come on, why are there people beating him up for SIMPLY being a Power Rangers fan and two, since when was that a criminal offense? I'm afraid that Super Sentai purists are really so shallow-minded they fail to see the much bigger issues in life. What is more stupid is that most of them are already adults. I may not really be big into Power Rangers but I know that the whole franchise' existence is necessary because without it, Toei will never be able to hit American shores and get a new target market. 

Gracie Dzienny's Blooming At 20 Years Old

Well it's been some time since Supah Ninjas from a cute teenager to a full grown gorgeous adult woman. She really looks pretty in here and I think she almost looks like a younger Pamela Anderson, except she's naturally blonde and the latter is a brunette who dyed her hair.