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Monday, December 5, 2016

Are American TV Standards Making It Too Hard For Japanese Shows To Be Aired There Without Localizing Them?!

As a kid, I remembered how I started out as a fantard towards American culture (while hypocritically watching Tagalog-dubbed or English-dubbed Japanese shows) then it happened. I watched more Japanese shows and I remembered reading a very old edition of Questor Magazine with an article called "Sentai: It's Not What You Think". I wondered what in the world was Sentai then I found it it's the very TV show that Power Rangers was based from. While I acknowledge that Toei and Saban worked together and made big tons of money from it but I still feel that deep inside, they're probably still grumbling while saying, "Are Americans really that chicken?!" I can't say they are and I won't say they are but I'd dare they probably are grumbling like that. Sometimes, making money means making a lot of difficult decisions that makes you feel stupid but you need to do it anyway.

After writing Part 1 on JEFusion, I felt like Part 2 should be written in this blog. So be ready to get your breathing apparatus because this article's so gonna choke your breath!

The Playstation 2 Era: A Huge Leap From The First Playstation!

I thought about how the Playstation 2 was officially dead some time ago but I'd be rude and disrespectful not to write any "farewell notices". Yup, I felt this system was a huge leap from the first Playstation. While the first Playstation had a lot of cool games I enjoyed but as said, I always get annoyed by the slow loading times. I couldn't forget how there were times a game would fail to load correctly. Then the Playstation 2 console came which surprised me with how much power it had before the Playstation 3 came.

Friday, December 2, 2016

The First Playstation: Lots Of Cool Games But Slow Loading Times!

As a 90s child, a Playstation was part of a child's wish list. I remembered getting one somewhere in the late 90s and there were some really cool games. I got addicted to a lot of them to the point my grades dropped considerably. I remembered there were a lot of cool games to play such as Croc, the original Crash Bandicoot series (before the franchise got bastardized), I remembered the time that Capcom didn't suck yet and cheat devices (which I may sorely miss while playing the old school games on a new school system in this time and age) are among a few stuff I could recall about the 90s.

I'm Not Anti-American But I Avoid Most American TV Shows!

I'm not anti-American nor do I want to become one. I'm still using Microsoft Office, Google and I'm still on the Internet which was made by Americans but I avoid American shows. That pretty much explains why I don't even intend to be updated on Power Rangers. As much as I acknowledge Toei's involvement in the production and the need for localization but just the mere fact it's an American-made show makes me think, "There goes my brain!" I admit, I still suffer from the mental decay because I spent a lot of time watching mostly American shows as a child. I thought that just because it's American it's good. Boy, I was really that wrong and all those American TV shows may have attributed to why my learning ability slowed down during my teenage years.