Saturday, February 28, 2015

Classic Pamela Anderson Pictures for February 28, 2015

Such a priceless smile...

 Precious beauty...

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ciara Hanna Pictures at the Morphicon

Although I hate Megaforce (or Megafail) but I still have a spot for Ciara Hanna...

Lucky fan!

Fight pose time!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My Strange Dream of Marrying My High School Fling

I would admit that I did dream of marrying my high school fling and it was a pretty strange dream.  I dreamed of it more than once but I would talk based on what memory would allow me.  This dream was sort of triggered with my courtship with a Lady Deathstrike and my desire for revenge and a break-up with my ex-girlfriend who I remained friends with.  This of course, was really one of those dreams that take place in an even more obviously fantasy setting.

The whole dream can be considered like Batman marrying Poison Ivy or Wolverine marrying Viper.  In my own case, the real life kiss between me and her really intoxicated my will for some time.  In my dream, we were really getting married.  In the real life, she once asked me to marry her back as a teenager.

So how bad was the situation?  I was dating my ex-girlfriend for a short time but she tried to wreck the relationship.  Not soon after, I thought of using her as a tool of revenge.  In my dream, I accepted the proposal to marry her so I can gain some revenge points.  It was going to be a marriage of convenience of sorts.  Then the dream happened with us getting married on our own due to opposition.  Even one of my love interests had offered herself to be my wife instead of my high school fling.  At that dream, I was already in blackmail and I agreed to marry her thanks to some promise I made with my ex-girlfriend to atone for my misdeed... or was it?  Even her idiotic brother who didn't like me, agreed to our marriage.