Friday, August 22, 2014

It's Qualification, NOT Gender That Matters!

One of the worst things to happen in a world today is gender biases with promotions.  I mean, it's easy to look down at a competent female boss and love your incompetent male boss for a sexist male and the opposite can be true.  But what is reality is that, gender is NOT the issue of qualification when it comes to a promotions although I honestly wouldn't be sending women to do super duper exhausting jobs like coal mining.  Now for my point on qualification over gender for promotions:

Sometimes some women have more balls than men do (and vice versa).  I mean, it's downright wrong for a woman not to take charge when she can take charge.  Then again, being a man or a woman is NOT the issue but qualifications.  Nobody should be promoted for gender... because it will only create dull leadership in the process.  A stupid woman is just as stupid as a stupid man, no questions asked.  When a male boss refuses to promote an incompetent female, it's not sexist but rather it's qualification based.  It would be sexist if he promotes an incompetent male over a competent female based on gender.

I personally admire it when there's a man/'woman team.  People are different, nothing is absolutely equal and genders are subject to that.  A team composing of not only brains but genders can help.  For one, a competitive team is never based on gender to start with.  A good leader is never gender dependent but rather, influence dependent.  Anybody who can influence a team to move forward is always the better leader.  A good manager is also never based on gender but management ability.  Unfortunately gender biases tend to remove a lot of competency in the process.  Gender biases as said, are really bad for business!

Pictures of Chinese Training Their Cops

Now only if the Pinoy National Patola will get THIS kind of training... hahahaha!  I'm pretty impressed with how these people are very well trained of people qualified to be cops!  Well I would suggest sending a Kung Fu master to shape everyone in the Pinoy National Patola!

Practicing martial arts:

These women in action WILL kick butt though I think they stand out better in strategizing since women usually have sharper minds!
And we have these men, unlike the PNP, learning their kung fu!

Now only if I can find a picture of the girls doing this too... Long Fist!

Not just limited to the field, they are taught to fight in dirty situations!

Remembering the PNP's Poor Handling of The Rolando Mendoza Incident

Well what a better day to write about this than on the death anniversary of Rolando Mendoza which is tomorrow, the former decorated police officer who was removed for corruption charges, demanded reinstatement, led a hostage crisis and died in the process.  What I would want to tackle here is what FLIPFAGs may purposely ignore is how the Pinoy National Patola was very poor in handling the situation.  For Failipinos, they are already the best and that there is nothing to improve.  For them, they are the greatest and nothing goes wrong.  But the incident proves otherwise.

The incident can happen anywhere, yes it can but the tragedy could have been lessened in the process if it wasn't for incompetence by the Pinoy National Patola.  So what was wrong with the police in that situation?  They were not ready i.e. not even enough equipment.  One can consider also the lack of tactical thinking.  In the Art of War, you don't win the war always by strength, you also need deception.  That was what was going on.  They failed to apply the Art of War.  It would also be because of this, the PNP is a never ready force, always mediocre and never responsive.  The Failipino does not value quality and time and the PNP is proof of that.  The fact they did not respond to the gunman's demands thinking it was just a bluff is proof of their stupidity.

To be honest, if there was a sniper ready, they could have just gotten rid of him pronto or shot him at his leg and arrested him.  But no, the stupid Commission on "Human Rights" would have probably cried if that happened.  One must realize that murder and killing for self-defense is wrong.  If a woman is being raped, she has EVERY right to kill her rapist in the name of self-defense.  If a man is being attacked by a mad woman with a machete, he has every right to kill her.  But no, Failipinos are too concerned about "human rights" never mind how often the lazy are rewarded and the diligent are punished at a DAILY basis, never mind how often the rich and poor gap increase to ridiculous gaps, never mind how often injustice is served because corrupt politicians don't get punished.  Rolando Mendoza was no exception to that rule.  He should have been shot to save the hostages.

One can realize the lack of response and responsibility.  Why didn't the police prevent journalists from even entering the zone in the first place?  It was their "job"?  Oh please.  Journalism ethics dictate that you DO NOT interrupt work. The journalists could have just interviewed later.  Also, the police were stupid enough that by allowing journalists to enter, the hostage taker saw the broadcast from inside the bus of what's going on!  That is not how you deal with warfare!  Also, by letting the brother of the gunman negotiate, it just made matters worse as relatives can become a two-edged sword.  In Failipino picture, they always stand by their kapatid (sibling), kamag-anak (relative) and kabayan (countryman) even when they are in the wrong... just check the Migraine International's activities of standing by GUILTY countrymen who should be executed in the first place!