Sunday, November 23, 2014

Punching Kill Henares is More Fun in the Philippines!

Above is the fight of Manny Pacquiao today.  What boxing fans saw was the actual fight but what Pacman may have seen is seen in his fight was Bureau of Internal Robbery's Konsumisyoner, Kill Henares.  It's indeed the fight of the century when you think about it... Pacman vs. Kill Henares.  Filipinos NEED to see the truth of what's happening with their tax money with the Nobita Administration- it's being used for the dirty scams such as Disbursement Acceleration Program and Priority Devolvement Acceleration Fund. 

So what can be a fun activity to endorse in the Philippines?  Simple... it's all about PUNCHING THE CRAP OUT OF THAT SWINE KILL HENARES.  Plus, it's not helping that the United Nations is really nothing more than a body of incompetence.  Only a real idiot would think President Nobita's administration is a global model for fighting corruption, that 60/40 not being removed and everything that the Philippines needs to improve.  For one, the United Nations continues to carry on STUPID policies like removing of caning and death penalty, tries to do with "human rights", etc.  Isn't it any wonder why Kill Henares is appointed as a tax expert?  Oh puh-lease.... these are reasons why it's really more fun to punch Kill Henares in the Philippines!

Pinoy Pridists Have No Right To Claim the Success of Pinoy Achievers!

Today is indeed the big day for Manny Pacquiao.  Now I'm not a fan of Pacquiao (or boxing in general) but one thing is certain, there will be a lot of Pinoys who treat it like a big deal WHENEVER there is a Pinoy athlete who is going to compete abroad.  What is worse is that thse Pinoy Pridists have the tendency to force you to support Manny Pacquiao or ANYONE just because they are Filipino.

Let me get this straight... there is NOTHING wrong with anybody being proud of the countryman.  What is wrong is when these Pinoy Pridists use the achievements of successful Pinoys to gloat they are the best race on Earth and claim it collectively for the nation.  Why is that wrong?  The achievement of successful Pinoys is theirs and theirs alone.  To claim the success of another person can be considered as plagiarism and not to mention FREE RIDING!

The free riding on the success of a fellow Pinoy just drives a lot of Pinoys to be lazy and indifferent.  The reason behind the indifference and laziness can be because they think just because one Pinoy made it big, they will all make it big.  It can create the stupid message that, "We are Pinoys and anything we do, we are certain to succeed."  Enlightened Pinoys on the other hand reject such stupidity and refuse to let Pinoy Pridists ride on them.

The success of Pinoy achievers was their hard work and talent.  Talent is also needed in this way... I can improve as a writer but I cannot improve as a singer or architect.  I suck at Math, I am tone deaf so it's clear I can't succeed in those areas but I can succeed in where I'm good at.  What makes every enlightened Pinoy really different is that they are humble in spite of any greatness they achieve... unlike Pinoy Pridists who are arrogant in spite that most of them are Pinoys having no achievements.

Maybe one should remember the Michael Christian Martinez incident?  He was that lone Pinoy in Russia.  He had no government support.  People may have been laughing at him.  Sometimes I even hear how many successful Pinoys in working hard to make a name for themselves endured ridicule.  If all they did was to take no part in the success of that Pinoy, it's just like the story of the Little Red Hen.  Nobody will help her in making the rice but people were only willing to eat the rice.  Seriously, get real Pinoys!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Satirical News: B.S. Man Gets a Slight Cast Change After Press Conference!

After some painful decision making, Yutaka Hirose was finally cast as President Nobita Aquino/B.S. Man.  Yasuka Saito left the set thinking the whole project was a mess.  Instead, Yutaka Hirose finally steps in to become B.S. Man.

Yutaka Hirose when asked why he took the role of President Nobita said, "The Philippines has a child in a man's body for a President.  My character in Chojin Sentai Jetman was a child in an adult's body.  Tran accelerated himself to become Tranza.  Even if Tranza bested Radiguet, Maria and Gure he was at best a child in an adult's body.  That's why I took the role of President Nobita a.k.a. B.S. Man!"

Meanwhile, Kohei Murakami was recast as Bum Aquino, President Nobita's perverted cousin.  The expression was priceless.  Bum Aquino is described as the "Geeky guy who is addicted to Hentai."  Murakami felt like he would be able to carry out the role of Bum better than his initial casting as President Nobita.

Details for B.S. Man's updates are still waiting to be disclosed.