Saturday, August 1, 2015

My Great Wall of China Experience!

Back in Summer of 2007, I remembered going to a family trip to China but I haven't gone to Fujian where my ancestors came from.  The places I can remember are Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing.  Speaking of Beijing, I remembered how our tour guide warned us about the appearance of swindlers in the Forbidden City area so remember, DO NOT ENTERTAIN anybody who just sells you anything.  Now for my experience at the Great Wall of China which there was once that lie it can be seen on the moon which is NOT true.

Remembering the dark history behind the Great Wall, it was built by slaves of the first Emperor of China who is known as Qin Shi Huang.  In spite of its dark history, today it has become a tourist spot due to the magnificent architecture which according to some is worth 30 or more pyramids.  The whole place was a mountainous retreat from the rather busy traffic of Beijing.  The whole scenery is truly breathtaking to behold.

The higher you go, the more scenic the view goes and good thing that the place was well maintained. I decided to actually give climbing up the Great Wall of China a try.  The climbing experience involved a lot of steps to the finish line and fortunately, there were places where I could take a pause, drink some lukewarm water and continue going up until I reached the finish line.  By the time I reached the finish line, I'll admit I had to change my shirt after I went down.  It was a real experience to really climb one of the biggest structures of the world.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Judi Bowker: Another Unique Beauty of the Past!

Considering that I hardly dig into old movies these days but I'd admit, I saw Clash of the Titans (the 80s version) which in spite of being old school, it was really much better than the remake.  Now here's Judi Bowker who played as Princess Andromeda, truly a unique beauty for her era.

Here's a younger Judi Bowker for the movie Black Beauty... which I might try to watch soon.  Considering she's a 1954 baby (same age as another unique beauty Brigitte Lin) so she would be in her 60s by now.  

Here's a picture of Judi Bower having grown old but I'm glad she didn't mar her face with all those unnecessary surgeries.  So in short, she has really aged gracefully! =)

Baywatch And Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Awakened My Perverted Tendencies?!

Well it's time to recall some of the most awkward and stupid moments in my life namely...

Well nothing for me was more stupid than watching Baywatch not to learn about the life of a lifeguard but I might say, I might have purposely drowned myself to get a CPR from CJ Parker especially in scenes where she was in a two-piece.  Yeah I know it's crazy.  I'll admit that she was really stunning and I wanted a woman who looks like her and now, I find myself wanting my friend who has resemblances to her.  Later on, I couldn't help but lament on that the actress Pamela Anderson did to herself ruining her own image.

The other was Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers which as you know, I really didn't watch it for its value but for Kimberly.  Wow, stupid right?  Even if I am really more or less neutral with Power Rangers, I still like Kimberly over Mei. After seeing the actress Amy Jo Johnson in her later years, she has aged gracefully unlike Pamela Anderson.  The character would also later inspire my Spike and Mako jokes.

I always thought that these instances may have caused me to dream or my wish to be considered as an "American" and get a white girl.  It just had me thinking what was I thinking?