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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Childhood Revisited: Radish And Carrot!

I guess not so many people will get this one unless they were 90s children. The whole answer is that the names of the Saiyans were based on vegetables. Saiyan is a pun on Yasai or vegetable in Japanese. Goku's original birth name was Kakarot (Carrot) and Raditz is obviously based on Radish. It's no surprise either that Planet Vegeta was once known as Planet Plant, its two warring races were the Saiyans and the Tuffles (truffles). Plus, the king was named Vegeta though why isn't the current Vegeta named Vegeta Jr. instead?

Monday, August 29, 2016

Satirical News: Shippaiman Episode 12 "Bullet Souvenirs" Enrages Former MIAA GM Jose Devil Honrado

Shippaiman's latest episode features Satoru Saito acting as Joe Horimoto who acts as Narita International Airport's manager. In this episode, the Bullet Gang has planted stray bullets into the bags of unsuspecting tourists in Japan. The bullet gang schemers were played by Ryo Ryusei and Ryota Ozawa. They planned to gain money through frame-ups. All Joe offered to tourists is to wrap their bags in plastic which offers no real solutions. Worse, Joe made them pay up extremely high fees every time they caught some bullets in their bags.

Ciara Hanna arrived as a guest star for the Shippaiman episode. Her character Gia Jordan appeared to as a tourist in the episode. Gia got angry when she's unjustly framed up. Troy tried to help her out but to no avail. Takeru and Gregory had their investigation leading to Joe's neglect allowed both scam artists Daigo and Marvelous (named after their Super Sentai counterparts) to flourish. Captain Naoyuki berates Joe for his negligence of the airport. It's during this time that Winsbraindraft has both Takeru and Jules find out the pattern involved Joe accepting bribes, that he's been accepting shares from both Daigo and Marvelous.

The end of the episode has Jules gun down both Daigo and Marvelous with her wits. Takeru exposes the videos of Joe collaborating with the con artists. In the end of the episode, Prime Minister Nobita gets another hammering from angry tourists when he refused to fire Daigo. This time, a group of angry foreigners start throwing tomatoes at President Nobita's broadcast when he said, "Don't worry, it's still more fun in Japan."

The episode angered Jose Devil Honrado. He said, "Preposterous! That episode demonized me beyond everything," As much as he tried to be defensive, he was still hammered by angry Japanese tourists in the Philippines who were victims of the tanim bala scam. Sayaka Akimoto is now planned to appear in Shippaiman as Pia Wakamatsu.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Never Play Runes Kings While At Work... Or You Get This!

Here's a funny commercial starring Liu Yifei who's used for Runes Heroes. The guy learns it the hard way when he deludes about Yifei (and I would also) where he nearly kisses his boss. In gaming, there's always the tendency to confuse reality and imagination while you're playing. While I have nothing against gaming in general but some technological advancement can be so distracting. Enjoy this fun video!