Friday, December 19, 2014

Vanessa Hessler Pictures for December 19, 2014

Here's some Vanessa Hessler pictures for today...

Red hot beauty!

She's naturally gorgeous!

Has It Been Some Bad Years for Tokusatsu or Just Age Related?

I can admit turning 30 means a lot of stuff as a single guy.  I am now thinking about how Super Sentai and Power Rangers are as of late.  To cope up with disappointment, Kamen Rider Gaim was a nice retreat with Gen Urobuchi.  Now here's what I'm thinking as of late - Gobusters, Power Rangers Samurai, Kyoryuger, Power Rangers Megaforce/Super Megaforce and ToQGer.  Sad to say but I think I'm already getting bored and I tend to stick with mostly old school.

Gobusters was really one season I had high expectations from.  I had positive hopes for the series especially with the return of Yasuko Kobayashi.  I felt like I wanted to watch it knowing it would return back to its serious roots.  But sad to say, the story spun around in circles.  I felt like it was Sentai's own version of Faiz, great potential but bad execution.  You had the first half always focused on protecting Enetron, then we have the Messiah Cards then... I really admit nothing really pleased me at all.  The show itself got so Go-Boring that Go-onger IMO has become more entertaining.  Sure it had old school elements, it tried to return to old roots but the whole show itself felt slow with its Faiz-like pace.  Fortunately Yasuko Kobayashi didn't appear in the finale like Toshiki Inoue did in Kamen Rider Faiz.

Power Rangers Samurai is another.  I thought that Saban's return will return back Power Rangers to its better roots but boy was I wrong.  Now some people think Power Rangers isn't their cup of tea already without hating it.  As of late, I feel like I've turned on the dislike button.  Bad acting, too much copy/paste, this show was really more of a disaster than anything else.  It also had to drag long because it had to be split into two seasons which was completely unnecessary.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Satirical News: President Nobita Declares Persona Non Grata on Santa Claus!

Santa Claus reveals Nobita's name was always in the naughty list!!!!

After Santa Claus revealed the "Naughty and Nice List" to the public under the request of decent Pinoys.  Santa Claus processed the documents from the North Pole, he revealed a lot of truths he had neglected about President Nobita for years.  It was revealed that President Nobita never got a gift from Santa Claus because he was always in the naughty list.

Past classmates and teachers of President Nobita revealed many of Nobita's gross offenses as a child.  Mrs. Claus exclaimed, "That little boy must not get a present!" whenever President Nobita was mentioned.  It was revealed Nobita was lazy, cheating during exams, he also showed favoritism and free rode on his parents a lot.  Letters were written to Santa Claus complaining how Nobita was frequently a naughty boy.  What was later found at the Hacienda Luisita was that President Nobita always got coal every Christmas but not just a stocking full of it, but rather truckloads of coal.

President Nobita was never so humiliated in his life as every last charge of him was revealed by Santa Claus.  Santa Claus during an interview with CNN said, "I cannot deny how I complied with the request.  While I had denied many requests because I only give toys, books and children's presents which many of them can't afford but the matter of Nobita's being in the naughty list for a LONG TIME cannot be neglected.  The Filipino people are suffering because a man-child rules their country.  I cannot ignore that request anymore!  Besides with No Direction having a concert this Christmas, it will indeed be a horrible holiday!"

In response, President Nobita declared persona non grata on Santa Claus.  He forbade Santa Claus from ever delivering presents on Christmas Eve within Philippine territory.  He also got mad because Santa Claus also listed Franklin Drilon, Jose Abad, Kill Henares, Doraemar Roxas, Pink Lacson, Money Villar, Stinky Soliman, Bum Aquino and Liar Dilemma as wide exposed for being naughty.  Santa Claus had noted Bum Aquino as that "perverted Senator who loves Red x Pink".

However, Santa Claus had given his assurance saying, "I will be able to get past their defenses.  Besides, the Philippine Army is so primitive how can they shoot me down?  Toku villains have done that to me but no, not the Philippine Army!  Ho ho ho!"