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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Satirical News: Shippaiman Announces Two New Movies!

Due to Shippaiman's popularity, Toei decided to create two movies. The first movie is called "The Rise of the Empire of Shocker". The second movie is called "The Zyuohgers Are Outlaws?!" Toei Ltd. called Shippaiman as a new generation parody Super Sentai. Producer Shinichiro Shirakura now explains what goes on with Shippaiman's two movies.

"Shippaiman's first movie is an alternate retelling of events from the Showa Era and Heisei Era of Kamen Rider. You saw Ryoma Takeuchi act as Kotaro Minami instead of Tetsuo Kurata. A lot of new school actors will be playing as old school characters in this movie due tot he amount of time that has passed. In this movie, expect even newer Kamen Riders to be played by different actors. The movie's plot takes place in Japan ruled by the Empire of Shocker. The Empire of Shocker has taken over Japan because its incompetent prime minister Nobita Tokugawa banned the use of Tokusatsu powers except for Shippaiman and Noopaiwoman. In this alternate reality, the Empire of Shocker takes over Japan at a rapid pace. Winsbraindraft are now going underground with the Kamen Riders with a plan to destroy the Empire of Shocker. But Nobita only cares about grabbing his power back. I do feel letting new school actors play old school characters should be a good start."

"The second movie is focused with Zyuohger. In this movie that's another alternate continuity from the first one, we're making another what if situation. In the movie, the Zyuohgers exist in an alternate reality where their activities are banned by the incompetent prime minister. In this movie, we also feature the new robot called Shippareon, a parody of the Daileon from Juspion. The Zyuohgers must make a difficult choice in a society where they're outcasts. Shippaiman tries to use his new giant robot Shippareon to battle the Deathgalien forces only to find out he's not qualified."

Gen Urobuchi is confirmed as the head writer for the first Shippaiman film. Details will follow who will be the head writer for the second Shippaiman film. Cast of Kamen Rider Ghost and Zyuohger were last seen contributing their ideas for the two films.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I Tend To Find Attractive Caucasian Women More Attractive Than East Asian Women!

Even with my East Asian descent and I've always called myself to be of the yellow color, I can't deny how I find white girls to be that attractive. My attraction started with Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers followed by Baywatch. I did get shocked to learn Pamela Anderson was really born a brunette though. During the later seasons of Mighty Morphin', I was more into Kimberly than Kat so I felt blondes weren't always attractive. More blondes showed up during Power Rangers and I hardly cared about them but other blondes who were attractive caught my attention.

Retrogaming's Downside Anyone?

There's no denying that there's some cool games in the past. I really still want to play some old 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit and other games. But there are also other games that I don't think I'd want to pick again. Just think I'm a Tekken fan yet I don't think I'd all be that interested in playing the first Tekken game again due to some issues. Yes, polygonal 3D graphics were cool yesterday but with Tekken starting to smooth things out since Tekken 3, I'd say the first game aged badly with a lot of problems.

Based on the the top ten things, I haven't observed them all until now. But in the world of digital online gameplay and online instructions (but I'd still prefer to get a guide whenever I can since printouts are still better), I could talk about the whole no patch thing. That means if I get a defective copy of the game I have to run to get another copy or when there's a major glitch then you got to deal with it entirely. Then there's a lot of stuff that could be spoken like 3D graphics back then tend to be too blocky or controls can be stiff. Also, I've got a lot of unfinished games in the past because there was hardly access to any guides until Game FAQS came along. And now I'm stuck with some not so old school games and new school games at the same time to bother to deal with finishing games I wasn't able to finish as a child.

Plus, there's a lot of real life stuff to do than just finish them right?