Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Victoria Justice And Sweets!

Well here's the lovely Victoria Justice and some cupcakes... heehehehehe!!!!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Easy To Boycott Chinese Brands But Not Made In China!

Chinese brands are usually very easy to identify like Hwawei, Haier and Tsingtao while others like Lenovo are Alibaba are not so obvious - just Google for Chinese brands and you'll know what to avoid.  Some research would tell you which is a Chinese brand and for one, I personally don't like Chinese brands as much as Japanese or Taiwanese.  I still have had my own issues ever since the 2008 Melamine Scandal - even the Chinese government admits they are not out of the blue with all the dirt the previous administrations left behind.

Now it's time to talk about Made in China.  I don't want to sound like Alan Impurisima who is using similar words as antonyms like "advice" and "order" when both are pretty similar.  When you are advised to leave, you must leave.  When you are ordered to leave, you must leave.  Likewise, made in China is when you produce any product unit in China.  I mean, have you ever observed imported brands that are made in the Philippines?  For example, Nestle products also have products made in Nestle Philippines - it may be a Swiss brand but it's Philippine made!  The same can go for any imported brand you buy in the market.

While my Samsung Phone is Made in Vietnam but my TV set, my PS3 controller and some other stuff I have may not be Chinese brands but they were made in China.  To boycott Made in China means to boycott anything that was manufactured there.  Unless of course, you want to sound like retired PNP Chief Alan Impurisima and say, "What is assembled in China was not made in China.  If your TV set is Sony then it was only assembled in China but it was made in Japan."  ABSOLUTE TOTAL FACEPALM!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Satirical News: Retired PNP Chief, Alan Impurisima Slammed For Talking Nonsense About Boycotting Made In China!

Alan Impurisima is said that he always blurts out nonsense.  From the time he said he did not give Getulio Napunas an order but only an advice, he has now talked more nonsense yet again when it came to the issue of Made in China.  With the current conflict between the Philippines and China, Impurisima has yet to spew out more nonsense on how to protest against China.  He was last seen in the Senate House where President Nobita asked him to share his opinion on how they can deal with the aggressiveness of China's infamously dangerous General Damulag and the massive army.  Rumors say that General Damulag has been assigned to beat up President Nobita yet again.

"In order to defeat China, we must first weaken its economy.  That is, if you buy anything imported, don't buy anything that is made in China.  You can buy anything that was made in Vietnam, made in Taiwan, made in Hong Kong, made in wherever as long as you do not buy anything that is made in China.  That way, we can protest against China and weaken their economy at the same time without firing a single bullet.  That way, we can all volt-in with Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan and Hong Kong as well as other affected countries to defeat China's army.  They would not have enough to feed General Damulag's Army." said Impurisima during the session.