Common Bad Traits Between Most Filipinos and Most Americans

Sad but true but there also common bad traits between MOST (not all) Filipinos and MOST (not all) Americans.  The following are true as well apparently for both sides...

Both races fail to see the beauty of their NATURAL skin color!  Seriously Americans look good for BEING WHITE, brown Filipinos look good for BEING BROWN!  Unnatural skin color is SO UGLY and GOOFY!  Check every tanned white American and every bleached native Filipino!  UGLY!!!!!  I just used Spongebob's picture above to show how STUPID it can get!  The ending of the episode was pretty just meaningful when everybody turned to dust in the tanning party.  If it were the Philippines, I guess everybody will turn to slime instead of dust.

Both sides spend too much.  What they see, they buy and if they can't buy, they borrow TONS OF MONEY to get it and most of them don't bother to pay at all.  Some even recklessly charge to their credit cards and pay penalties.  Seriously do they even know the meaning of budget planning?!  I got to admit I'm pretty much a sucker to people who pretend to be pitiful when they're not! :(  The problem has also reached the government to the point both countries are stuck in debt they have to now rely on China of all places to "save their economy".  What a PITY!

And should I mention the love for overacting?!  Seriously I've noticed a lot of contemporary American and Filipino entertainment have plenty of overacting females in their shows!  Argh!  Aaaahhh!!!!  Yeah I got to admit that's why I really tend to compare Filipino overacting to American overacting A LOT!  The shows are corrupting the mind of the youth.  Seriously, I feel like I want to become a PR basher again thanks to this!

There's also all that DJ mentality... oh boy!  Mo Twisted's face is SO GOOD for this portrait!  Yeah right... he's hiding in America right now!  I just got to express the reality that he's a SORE LOSER and PATHETIC LIAR!  How many Youtube accounts has he used just to destroy a single individual or just another question how many followers will continue to believe him?

And not to mention, currently enjoying rip-offs and ignoring the originals.  I got to admit that everything is just crazy especially when I can understand why unfair hates of Power Rangers out of this bad trait.  I got to admit at least in Japan they show the adaptations and the original.  You get Japan's version of X-Men and America's version in Japan.  But not for both- most of them are now just rip-offs.  Yeah talk about the crap that are Zaido, VR Troopers, America's version of Street Fighter, etc.  I used to like a lot of American adaptations but when I found out the original is SO MUCH BETTER I'd rather watch the Japanese.  Crap I hate my childhood!