Crab Mentality Anyone?

One of the major problems of today's society is the crab mentality.  Get a bucket, fill it with live crabs and when one crab tries to get out, instead of joining him, the others would drag him down.  Sadly this has affected much of society which I have observed is dangerous.  So this is what it is- a group is organized despite differences but instead, when one succeeds, the others want to drag him/her down.  In short if I can't have it, NEITHER CAN YOU!

Now for a business angle.  For one, working in the organization is NOT so one can become the leader but rather, to help each other reach a common goal.  Some are qualified to be rulers, not all are. But in working together, a business becomes a success and not just the effort of the CEO, the brains of the consultant but rather everybody.  Some people are intelligent but lack charisma, others are good leaders but less brainy so why kill each other and insult each other?  Correction is important yes but comparing yourself to others is a no-no.  It's a cycle, a wheel and a wheel can't turn if there's no give and take and that's where crab mentality falls apart.  Just imagine me writing bad comments on every blogger because I get jealous of their success.

Here are some notable countries and ethnic groups where I think it's prevalent:

1.) Among Americans- American culture can give the impression of being individualistic, not cooperative.  Recently, much of America is becoming unethically competitive.  It's always about who's better, not how to make others better.  As said, some are better than the others but so what?  This kind of mentality has literally dragged America down aside from the overspending economy!

2.) Among Filipinos- Since most of Filipino people tend to imitate even the bad side of most of America, it does exist too.  Okay the Philippines wasn't supposed to be a third world country, sadly the prevalence of crab mentality did destroy the country too much later.  Only if the Filipinos could remember the great things they did achieve when they were united rather than dragging each other.

3.) Among Chinese- Like it or not, China has had a prevalence of crab mentality.  Ask the Chinese migrants in some countries who tend to KILL EACH OTHER in business rivalries.  Watch the story of Bruce Lee to how many of his fellow crabby Chinese wanted to stop him from succeeding in bringing unity between Chinese and non-Chinese.  Only when China began to group together did China get out from its poverty stricken state to becoming a real power.

Here's all I can say- learn the lesson of unity.  After all, a sonata is composed of different notes, sequences, etc. and an orchestra is composed of different instruments.  Violins are different from pianos so why argue to which instrument is better?  I hope this helps!