Crazy Date with a Mentally Ill Woman?

Seriously it gets to me when I heard how somebody would actually fall for a mentally ill woman just because she was well (censored) on the road which he considers as "eye candy" regardless of her appearance.  It kinda gets scary to think why somebody would want to date with a mentally ill person, even if the mentally woman is most likely going to maul him or even KILL HIM in just a few seconds.  And for a person to walk around the road (censored) and not being aware of their state is a great sign of mental illness.  And yes, these people are not safe to be with.  In fact, even some people who are deemed insane to a certain extent would know better than to do stuff that are far too much!

Mentally ill people are most likely to have a stronger grip than those who are sane.  A muscular bodybuilder or a heavy labor worker may not even stand a chance against a mentally ill woman's strength and savagery too. So just forget about that stupid plan because it's plan suicidal!  Why do I stay away from people who are mentally ill?  They're dangerous and need rehabilitation!  Some of them ma be mentally ill from sniffing drugs as well.  The evidences of insanity can be disgusting (or funny) like how I've seen a mentally ill woman walk around the road unaware of her surroundings.  It can turn disgusting whenever I see her wash herself with sewage water.  YUHUCK!!!!!  I would definitely go crazy if I watch it further... it's not FUNNY anymore!  Denser and wackier?  Nope it's more like grosser and yuckier!

Great idea for a fan fiction or an original story?  I don't think any of my fan fic writer friends would BUY this stupid idea!!!  I can't imagine if for a second if Super Sentai vs. Super Sentai would have Gai Yuki date a mentally ill woman that would lead to him dying again, wow what a stupid way to die!  Besides, I do expect if any of my favorite authors will buy this idea, I might be the only positive reviewer while the rest will be negative.  But oh well... sometimes the craziest ideas may be the most successful later.