A Funny Way to Write a Diary (READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!)

Okay I do recall how a former rival and now a friend of mine wrote a rather funny diary, I can't write it all but here's an sample of how he did it... (NOT HIS ACTUAL DIARY)... forgive me for using Raita's picture but that's how he was personality-wise... a tough bruiser, genius and funny dude ROLLED in one!  Yeah talk about somebody who's good for a Sentai team. But he was also the nutty professor of the class- a genius with a lack of common sense to deal with!  My grades did improve because of his tutorials but my common sense went the drain too... ha ha!  So here we go... with HOW HE WROTE IT so sit down, fasten your seatbelt and prepare to LMAO:

"I woke up in the morning.  I fixed my bed.   I folded the blanket and put the pillows in place.  I took a shower for five minutes with warm water because oh my, I am SO afraid of taking a shower in cold water... but it's okay most of my friends are anyway.  I put on my school uniform.  I went to school because it was Monday.  The bell rang.  The flag ceremony began.  Classes started.  It was Math class, my favorite.  Yeah Math!  However it was annoying to have my seatmate complain about Math being hard, I wish he will have a positive attitude about it rather than keep whining like Galvatron does.  He shouted a lot and said, "Kill, smash, destroy!".  I wish I could help him even if he considered me an enemy.  Enemy?  Not really but he does need some help with a professional before he shoots our Math teacher- he has a phobia for every Math teacher even those who are considerate.  So now it was my most hated subject- Language class!  Argh!  My English teacher punished me today for proposing a dangerous topic I wished to research about the Dreadknocks so I can get a high grade.  The teacher slammed her fist, that old lady was really not thinking about national security especially if Cobra's elites will attack any time and I want to help the national army find a solution... yeah I went to the Internet cafe to buy another prepaid card, I had to get more balance because I needed my Internet sources.  I went to the library also to get a book... and I did find a thesis amusing.  I opened the thesis and found out that well, I was wrong.  Then it was time for Physics class.  I'm glad that my teacher is no longer mad with me but sigh, she can be too demanding asking me to read.  Wah!  I don't like reading... but at least my "enemy" is helping me read... so I decided to help him with Math.  I had to encourage him though to avoid crash suicide, however he is just too in love with the "campus queen"... but hee hee, I would always like to say she's DAMN UGLY.  Maybe I should introduce him to that girl in the girls' school... but I'm afraid he's too obsessed with that "campus queen" who's not a campus queen.  Then it was time for.... (Well there's much verbal deadwood I'd stop now... you can imagine what he'd be writing for the rest of the day and LMAO all you please because I'm stressed out to imagine the whole diary!)"

It was full of verbal deadwood to be honest, it was almost one rim thick with NO meaningful content whatsoever.  As said, words are like leaves, it's rare to find FRUIT among them!