A Speculative View of the Evolution of Henshin Hotties Fanboyism

Okay don't get outraged if I placed Power Rangers here, I still respect the franchise but I'm not a fan of it as I used to be.  Now moving on, here's my rather speculative outlook of the evolution of henshin hotties fanboyism with my own personal thoughts in between them from the 80s to the present... to show the shallowness of the mind of some in contrast to the deeper thinkers.  I haven't placed everyone in though.

80s era:

I guess the 80s fanboys were first attracted to Michiko Makino.  I had a crush on her while she was dubbed as Kimberly while her Japanese name was Hikaru. =P  Maybe she was every 80s boy's first crush.

There was Kanako Maeda who acted as Momoko in Maskman.  She was fan paired with Takeru but had little or no chemistry.  I'd say she's the hottest eye candy of the 80s.

I would say Megumi Mori as Megumi Misaki was part of this list.  For me, her younger self is prettier than Nao Nagasawa. =)

We have Noriko Kinohara who acted as Haruna in Turboranger.  I guess she had a strong fanbase too.

90s era:

Well this was soon the era where Toei and Saban both signed contracts to make the Power Rangers franchise so there's some things in between you'll have to accept did exist.  Hee hee.  Now for some "middle road" stuff...

The 90s era was something.  So maybe I can start with the era of a LOT of hot girls.  Actually PR has less of that ha ha but I can't deny my crush on Kimberly back then.  Phew.  Well moving on, I just thought of it that there was Mei, Lin and Kimberly.  Lin and Kimberly appeared at the same year, Mei one year before Kimberly since MMPR was created one year after Zyuranger based on the fact Sentai came first before Saban eventually got the rights.  We can have the Kim vs. Mei, Kim vs. Lin and then Kim vs. Kat due to the overextension of MMPR.  I personally pick Kimberly for Power Rnagers and Lin for Sentai then overall still Kimberly.

For me Kimberly's plain overrated especially by me.  So what's the reason?  In general, white girls tend to be overrated or should I say hot white girls.  During her appearance, I really outscored her over every other previous Sentai hottie listed during the 80s even called her as, "Hotter than any Sentai and PR chicks." in the later years.  Hmmm... but that's just my subjectivity working there.

Kimberly and Mei were two different characters.  Heck why do some people even fight on who's hotter it's all a MATTER of opinion.  In my case, I pretty much prefer Mei on the inside, Kimberly was kind of just eye candy material.

Kimberly and Lin are another different set, no questions asked.  So comparison can be useless here too.

Kim vs. Kat is one tight issue on who is better.  I don't think anything is wrong with Kat but I like Kim better.  Too bad though the "Dear John" letter had to come, did the writers have a grudge on Amy Jo Johnson or what?

Jayme Betcher in DIC's adaptation of Gridman called "Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad" was another.  She was pretty gorgeous if you ask me.

Chigusa Tomoe of B-Fighter- She was the second Reddle.  Now just my opinions, if you ask me, this is really very

Now the Chisato vs. Ashley.  Hee hee, I just thought that I am more of a Megaranger fan than a Power Rangers in Space fan (that season was too messy IMO).  Then again it's too much apples and oranges for these two since they're widely different and are handled differently though they could become good friends.  My overall pick is Chisato. =)

Yup here are my top Henshin hotties for Super Sentai.  I really thought that Chisato having bikini scenes (twice), for Lin she had a swimsuit scene nothing to ooh at really, Mei is still a distraction but pretty much my judgment has Kimberly as the hottest girl against all others from Super Sentai to Power Rangers during this era.

2000-2010 era:

Another decade, another start.  Now here's what was happening:

Well two babes from the future.  You've got Mika Katsumura as Yuuri and Erin Cahill as Jen.  Both from the future, executed quite differently and both are hot in their own respects.  My choice here is Yuri though Jen is great in her own respect.

The second I might make a really big jump is between Nao Nagasawa and Sally Martin.  I really, really would dare say Nao Nagasawa's hotter than Sally Martin.  Sally Martin's kinda attractive but Nao Nagasawa beats her off the chart for me.  But I'd be friends with both girls.

Ranru and Kira.  Hee hee, Aiko Ito who's now married vs. Emma Lahana who's probably dating somebody.  Now I just thought I'm less superficial here- I'm more of a Ranru fan!  Yatsudenwani is too!

Here's where I get superficial again.  For Dekaranger, I'd say I was guilty too much at staring at Jasmine (Ayumi Kinoshita) while SPD for me hardly had any eye candy.  Really, I even had to discredit Monica May unfairly in the past due to it being a Kalish season. =(

There are some that found Rhodhissa Montemayor hot though I personally prefer Haruka Suenaga over her. Case is closed too soon!

Rina Aizawa and Rose McIver.  Well this is too apples and oranges plus I'm not a fanboy to these two. =P  Me I'd probably play spin the bottle to determine the winner here.

Suzuka Morita and Brittany Pirtle are cute but not hot for me.  In fact, I pretty much prefer to avoid comparing them in the hotness aspect but this is an intense challenge to choose who's hotter.  Me I'd play spin the bottle to get my vote in here! =P

No questions asked her for me, hee hee Rin Takanashi is too hot compared to Erika Fong but let's credit the former for her acting instead.

Now for something what I'd call my speculation of "the battle" to replace Amy Jo Johnson who eventually steps down the stage to make room for new flowers just like old flowers have to wither to make room for new ones, again purely speculative, please note that Ciara Hanna here is past the last decade.  Now let's get it on with my contestants.

Well this is here purely speculative.  Amy Jo Johnson's overrated I'd agree and plead guilty on that.  Now here were those girls I thought were indirectly battling to win the beauty crown.  So who's replacing who?  My wild guesses in these are Nao Nagasawa, Ayumi Kinoshita, Haruka Suenaga, Rin Takanashi and Rin Takanashi.  Hmmm apples, oranges and grapes?  I dunno.  In my thought of this one, it's kinda apples vs. oranges if you're going to compare Amy Jo Johnson to any of the girls but with the potential replacements, here's what I thought of each of them...

Nao Nagasawa- She became a reason why I wanted to rewatch Super Sentai.  Ha ha, caught red handed.  Her character Nanami was more of the airhead type, more ditzy than Kimberly ever was who eventually matures as well.  It's too pink vs. blue, not a very good comparison in character but they they're both hot!  Sally Martin's got nothing on this but I still like the latter.  I really thought Nao Nagasawa is that hot!

Ayumi Kinoshita- She is unusually hot, yep.  No doubt about that.  In fact, Dekaranger for me was a season I treat so superficially over Jasmine!  Mr. Smith calls Jasmine the hottest girl over all Sentai/PR chick to which he calls Kimberly "not that hot as you think" but I respect his views which I find weird considering he's American and I'm not.  But personality-wise Jasmine is no girly-girl type of character compared to Kimberly.  When Ayumi Kinoshita got married last year, oh boy a lot of fanboy tears bwahahahahaha!  For Mr. Smith he finds Jasmine the hottest Henshin hottie while I vote for Kimberly.  So what was the real point?  They're both married now, I hope they'll have happy marriages.  Fanboys please stop crying over Ayumi Kinoshita will you?

Haruka Suenaga- This is pink and pink but colors just are the issue.  Compared to Kimberly, Sakura is more  of the cold ice queen who defrosts, hardly girly and hardly cheerful while the former is the cheerful type.  For me Haruka Suenaga's not that hot either but I still would like a lookalike.  Well I'd say I find Haruka Suenga hot but she's not really that hot for me.

Rin Takanashi- Hmmm this is the closest I can get for my pick.  Rin Takanashi's character of Mako despite her samurai upbringing tends to act very feminine (while having some toughness).  Pretty much the character of Mako may not be dressed up with short shorts and the stuff Kimberly wears in MMPR but the actress has worn them outside Shinkenger for other pictorials.  For me, my vote is Rin Takanashi since she does look similar but the hotter version.  In this one, I pretty much have the struggle of thoughts because I really think Kimberly back then was the hottest Henshin hottie, right now I think this generation has Rin Takanashi to look up to!

Ciara Hanna- Another pink vs. yellow but at a Power Rangers vs. Power Rangers angle.  Ciara Hanna is certainly what I'd call the return of having a hot girls in Power Rangers but I'd say she's not that hot but she's still hot nonetheless.  Rin Takanashi most likely beats Ciara Hanna off the hotness chart! =P  But a problem is hot white girls are so overrated!  If you're to talk of Amy Jo's replacement in just the Power Rangers angle, I'd say Ciara Hanna wins!