Perhaps Some of My List of Weirdest Obsessions

Well here's the weirder side of me which I find disturbing.  Here are my weirdest obsessions which I'll confess...

My typical obsession can be usually around hot Chinese, Japanese and white women.  it becomes the "It's only natural yet unhealthy to want what you can't have." with this scenario because I would admit, I end up desiring such women.  Well as of the moment, I would say I do find this a bad trait of mine because I really hate the fact I'm so distracted by beauty like it was never a part of me before. =/

Retro-watching old TV shows and retro-listening music.  I do watch newer shows but I would admit I also watch older shows and want to watch them.  While I watch contemporary C-Drama and J-Drama but I also want to watch the older Qiong Yao series or anything like that in the past.  I listen to F4, 5566, Jolin Tsai and Psychic Lover yet I also listen to the music of Koo Mei, Poon Sow Keng, Anita Mui, Jacky Cheung and Teresa Teng.  Overall I love to take the good out of every time period.

Classical music is one of the things those ultra-modern hippies might say I am stupid to listen to music without words.  What they don't realize is that sometimes music without words is the best way to remedy one's problem.  I pretty much am stuck with listening to the likes of Beethoven, Mozart, Wagner and Bach to name a few.

The delicious healthy food trip.  I'll admit meat tastes delicious but it does get greasy on the mouth so I end up obsessing with delicious healthy foods like organic rice, gluten, unsweetened tea and genuine Italian pasta are a few.  Maybe I should mention Middle Eastern and Indian foods.  Most of my relatives aren't fond of these stuff ha ha.  My favorite curry is usually Indian too.  Plus my favorite chocolate has to be dark which many find bitter.

Tokusatsu shows.  Well I'm an adult and I still enjoy Tokusatsu shows but not all, I do enjoy them whenever there's a pretty chick in it.

My love for blatant siliness is obvious that's why I'm reliking Spongebob though I wish the show gets canceled before it kills him.

TV Drama namely C-Drama, J-Drama and some occasional K-Drama.  Well it's being labeled that such things are only for girls, that statement is preposterously stupid.

My fear is also my obsession for revenge since I tend to believe that the only way konflicts can be solved is through... MORTAL KOMBAT!