Fictitious Characters and Symbolism to Real Life

I remembered as a kid, I watched a lot of cartoons.  Well duh.  Now I had my thoughts on how to make fictitious characters feel real as one of the ways to make a show relate to real characters:

The Little Engine That Could is all about perseverance.  While we can tell children that the story isn't real but the story was meant to inspire perseverance.

The Big Bad Wolf represents the idea of never talking to strangers.  I mean after all wolves are used to describe strangers who seem nice but are really very nasty.  The story of the seven kids and the wolf is a symbol of "wolf in sheep's clothing" while Red Riding Hood's being gullible and nearly eaten by the wolf are symbols of what bad people can do.  Well parents can say, "While the big bad wolf isn't real but there are people who are like him."

The Easter Bunny symbolizes the return of Spring.  Spring in itself is a happy time for people and I think the bunny is the cuddliest character to date.  So while making children aware of the Easter Bunny as just an imaginative character, however this can be explained that, "Well this story portrays why we should be grateful for spring."  I would suggest children watch Rankin/Bass' holiday specials while knowing they are fictitious, trying to explain some moral lessons in them.

This is just a few I could name for literature study.