The Gluten Debate?

I really was thinking that some things can be overly exaggerated.  Most people don't even think about the reality that gluten can be VERY BAD only if the person was a Celiac disease holder. The fact that they say gluten is toxic, blah, blah, blah even to non-Celiac is most likely a conspiracy. For one thing, vegetarians have had been eating gluten and can still function properly except if they were Celiac disease ridden so they have every reason to get gluten-free products which are part of the special needs.

What is really needed to know if you have Celiac disease is whether or not gluten content does cause you to get sudden rash or diarrhea, have it checked and see if you have Celiac disease. It's very important to confirm whether a person has the rare Celiac disease or not. A gluten free diet could be bad because in getting rid of it means getting rid of the nutrients in wheat and whole grain. I am really faced and caught in between the gluten debate whether or not it is bad for your health.

But I'll just confirm this especially that gluten is good but not for those with Celiac disease. So it takes a careful scientific journal to realize stuff, not just mere jump of conclusions.