Where I Think Are the Best Places to Open a Modern Tea Shop

As a tea lover, I really crave for tea shops and I have thought of the best places to open them.  With the product that is cold tea, the promotion that is to young people and the price that's reasonable a good place is needed to make it mix aside from good service (people).

Here are my best proposed places:

Near universities.  I wouldn't recommend it near high schools and middle schools because they don't have as much income as college students.  College students seldom need a place to chill out and enjoy their mature lives healthily.  For one, these tea shops can be a better alternative to hard liquor and a nice quiet place to study.

Commercial districts near call centers and banks.  In Asia, the call center business is mostly active at night and some people may want to chill out.  With a schedule that's open from 11 A.M. up to 11 P.M., well people can take a chill during breaks.  It's sort of like a place to hang out before working hours for call center agents can begin or if considered, many people want to chill out during lunchbreak or after work so that's a good place plus rent may be cheaper than...

Renting inside the malls.  Malls are very pricy places to rent and have much higher rent than the two mentioned places above.  Unless they're sure they can afford it or can bargain a discount, they have to think twice though traffic can be very high in the malls too though competition is also very close in them.  But if I were a mall owner, the more rentals to collect the merrier.