Why I Decided to Get Rid of that Spongebob Hatred

Well I did temporarily get into that stupid Spongebob hatred until I realized this thing- I do still owe Spongebob some gratitude even if I think post-movie Spongebob isn't as great as pre-movie Spongebob.  I would also say I'd be a hypocrite to say I like Victoria Justice but hate Spongebob, she is a Spongebob fan and that picture proves it.  For one, why should I hate Spongebob, I would rather watch that show than Power Rangers Samurai which was a really bad comeback for Saban.  For one, Spongebob despite the fact he's stupid, he is still a good guy overall even if he can get on anyone's nerves.  Yup all that cracktastic humor of the show still managed to save me from the many times I could have landed into INSANITY.  So why should I hate this show?  Besides, I'm pretty sure even some of the Super Sentai cast members love Spongebob as well.  You might as well credit this video...

Spongebob Squarepants would be a GREAT Super Sentai fan.  I doubt it he'll ever use the Power Rangers to make sure children never knew of Super Sentai.  I blame the PR fans who are close minded for that rather than Power Rangers itself as Toei granted Saban the license.  For more issues, I thought also that if I'm a fan of Victoria Justice, I gotta support Spongebob and not hate him.  Besides, even if I don't like Spongebob anymore I just can't afford to keep on lashing it out like that and I just need to chill out.