Shaved Ice Dessert Craze...

Well here's shaved ice craze and here's just a few pictures... and they are all pretty delicious in a way.

This is the Filipino version of shaved ice.  Actually not so beany and sometimes more sweet with condensed milk and ice cream.  It can be a refreshing dessert but may have more calories.  For me, my preferred ice cream on it would be mango or vanilla (or sometimes chocolate) and I am not a big fan of ube ice cream compared to the other uses of ube.

There is the slightly different Taiwanese shaved ice which usually is less sweet but more refreshing, more of my personal preference. Actually this can be made with Filipino ingredients as well and given tropical variations that Taiwanese can't have.

Though the Filipino innovation has the Mais Con Yelo which may have already made a name for itself abroad.  It's for people who like less complicated tastes.  More is less sometimes.  .

We can have the Japanese shaved ice though the green tea flavor will also be a hit among the Chinese and Korean.

Or the classic snowcone... yum!

So which is your favorite?  Choose!