Well Stupid Filipino Politicians DESERVE Their Fire Breathing Dragon in the Senate

I was thinking that even if Miriam Defensor Santiago does need to cool down her temper or risk having a heart attack or she needs to lower her voice, however she does stress a lot of deficiencies that need to be addressed towards people especially during procedures.  Well truth has to be told that many Filipinos do have their own twisted sense of freedom and liberty so every time a firm authority comes in, they complain of them as "unreasonable" so they really are in a way asking for a fire-breathing dragon which they all deserve because they all need to be straightened up.  Yup problem is compared to Vitaliano Aguirre II who was more or less in an act of self-defense and later apologized, most of them DO NOT.  The problem with the Filipino system today is that it rewards the lazy and punishes the diligent.  This is why I salute this fire breathing dragon for breathing fire against slackers because I myself am one against slackers.

Well yeah, Miriam Defensor Santiago did put her fiery temper to good use in lashing out on real contempt of Senators.  While Aguirre deserves simple admonition for minor disrespect, a lot of Senators who passed stupid bills that could destroy our country like repealing the rights of Filipinos to bring legitimate media from abroad, she has really blasted them out.  So far for somebody with temper issues like I do, she has actually modified the cybercrime law that while it will punish criminals but it will not be puny.  The very fact she later accepted Vitaliano Aguire II's apology or two, was okay with the proper admonition, proves that she can handle the anti-cybercrime law.  The problem is also with onion-skinned politicians too.  While Miriam hasn't been going around raiding TV stations that spoofed her despite her temper, others are just plain unreasonable.