Getting Drunk as a Writer... NOT A GOOD IDEA!

It just becomes a seed of wisdom to get properly criticized that I shouldn't write while I'm drunk.  Trust me, it was a recipe for disaster because my first fan fic at is really infamous for all the errors in it.  It was a product of emotional drunken behavior and some liquor.  So I don't really drink sake or something except during special occasions but my tolerance to alcohol can be very low causing me to use "hic" a lot during the writing process.  That episode in Akibaranger season one namely the third episode featured why you should NEVER write while you're drunk.  Then again, Fiveman's Remi also got drunk.  The late Gai Yuki is a moderate drinker, he never gets drunk at all.  But that picture of Maaya Uchida and the bottle of sake, I'd say she'll make me drunk faster than those bottles of sake proving there are other things that get me drunk aside from liquor and talk about being emotionally drunk which is still a recipe for disaster.

Yup I'l just have to admit that an overdose of eye candy does get me drunk.  In fact, I'll admit I went back to watching Tokusatsu only because certain girls were hot.  Really, that's extremely stupid isn't it?  Hee hee, it's all about them stupid guilt trips.  That girl in this picture will get me drunk a lot faster looking at her than that bottle of wine. XD

Though another thing that makes me drunk are funny stuff whether fictitious or real.  Hee hee, after I realized I still like Spongebob Squarepants (despite lashing it out like that), I just thought that I still watch the show to enjoy a good laugh as well as other comedy.  Tokusatsu humor does get me drunk real fast.

In fact, I'll just have to admit most of my severe burnouts don't happen from being busy at work or real life affairs, it can happen from a series of unrestrained emotions.