Why I Think Kimberly Hart of MMPR Was So Popular?

I was thinking about the tag that Kimberly had as the "Every 90s Boy's First Crush" which for me isn't true since my first Toku crush was Hikaru of Bioman who was back then dubbed as Kimberly.  So here was my thoughts on why she got so popular...

I don't know much of what to say though.  In terms of character, Kimberly goes all the way from being shallow and materialistic to being a more mature person as time passed by.  I would say on the shallow side of fanboys, they actually might be more admiring her really gorgeous appearance which I would admit I was in that boat as a kid.  Just my thought, was she also pretty much looked up by girls back then?  Maybe.  But then again, we do have Trini who was also pretty popular with her tough girl approach.  But Kimberly seems to rock all that glory.

I would admit she may have still gotten pretty popular even in Season Two although later, her character development was lessened when she became too much of Tommy's damsel in distress which is bad plot, I mean she's a heroine not any civilian in distress.  But still, she was pretty overrated right?  Made me think that she was more of eye candy later than plot material, something that may have wanted Amy Jo Johnson to soon leave the set.  Well then I guess that soon led to the series of events that soon led to her arranged departure.  Unfortunately it also led to that stupid Dear John letter plot as well. XP


  1. what made her popular? this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRcgRmHB6bA

    lol. i wouldn't say that she was my crush back then because i was roughly 6 or 7 years old when MMPR aired but she was really memorable. when i grew up, and swayed away from the PR fandom her name and jason's are the only names that stayed in my memory. it's morphin time! PTERODACTYL! (and TYRANNOSAURUS! )

    1. In my case, she was one of my fictitious curhses ha ha. If you ask me, she's pretty overrated then again there's more than her. I thin Rin Takanashi is also pretty overrated.

    2. haha. well, just how old are you? (kidding)

      hmm, rin takanashi? i havent watched shinkenger yet. but i find rana natsui an eye candy (i saw her in the gokaiger shinkenger tribute episode). i might watch that next.


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