Between My Real First Crush and that Pamela Anderson Lookalike

So yeah, I would really want to expand on that mistaking one person for another.  So I'll probably elaborate some stuff that happened here and there.  What was happening to me was that I was in "despair" for some girl I thought would please my family and so, however I was also wanting to get even.  Then I just thought about my real first crush...

So pretty much while I was longing for who turned out to be not the one I truly longed for, I was already driven back at the thought of meeting my first crush again .  So I was disappointed I didn't run into her as expected and I wanted to contact her.  Actually she started to be cold to me at first but she started to warm up eventually.  But one thing was certain, I was really longing for her but wasn't open about it.  I could remember my "frenemy relationship" with her as kids.  So pretty much I was also dating my ex-girlfriend while chasing a girl who looks like Bea Saw in between that.  After I ended my relationship with my ex-girlfriend with whom I am still friends with, I soon started seeing myself falling for my first crush again.

While I was searching for my first crush in-between after my supposed fiance and me just can't get along, I was starting to wish I could see her again.  However part of my College life wad me meeting that Pamela anderson lookalike.  At first I believed she was my first crush but no, she was really smoking hot and she looked like a pre-cosmetic surgery Pamela Anderson.  I mistook her for the former which was kind of weird. XD