Some Stuff That Make Up Incompetent Lawyers

Getting a lawyer is no walk in the park.  I just had my thought when getting a lawyer especially for business matters, it's very important to keep an eye for bad lawyers.  Here's some marks you might want to watch out for...

Accepts invalid cases.  A good lawyer as far as I'm concerned discourages their clients from suing as much as possible to avoid incurring expenses except in cases that threaten one's welfare and livelihood.  I remembered how some people actually threatened to sue a teacher of ours because she justly won't give a special exam for an UNEXCUSED absence.

Being habitually late.  This is the Little Miss Late habit.  A good lawyer shows up on time or a little bit before the time, gets everything prepared and ready. But this lawyer is habitually late and could be linked to bad habits like staying up late doing nonsense like getting drunk, partying all night and gambling.  This can also be linked to procrastination which gets a work badly done and that is why they are not on time or even lose important documents.  If they can't hold their lives well, don't expect them to be good at court!

Never prioritizes the job.  While my lawyer who I consult on legal problems he is always seen ready to attend to his clients.  But bad lawyers are always seen goofing off in their offices like playing computer games and reading comics rather than attending to cases they need to attend to.  Mind you, that makes them lose the important documents they need in court!

Above all, arrogant.  What I like about my lawyer is that he doesn't claim to be the best, it's his clients that talk about how good he really is.  Some of them boast to be the best but are actually pretty stupid themselves to the point the can even lose important piece of evidence.


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