American Superiority Mentality Pinays and Their Delusions

I don't know if I should start categorizing Pinoy pridists as either anti-foreign or pro-foreign but I'll talk about American superiority mentality Pinays.  These are the types who are always thinking everything American is better.  They say America is the best, it's always the best and they always want to marry an American guy to escape from their miseries.  Such are the themes of Filipino TV Drama most of the time- Cinderella mentality!  Now for the hard truth!

These American superiority mentality Pinays who marry an American for the sake of "escape" just don't realize that there are wealthy Filipinos in their country.  Then again, any wealthy Filipino regardless of ethnicity (Filipino, Chinese or Spanish) may not want them because of their money digging attitude.  So what happens is that they marry idiotic Americans who only seek to marry Pinays for the sake of their stupidity rather than true love.  Now I don't have anything against intermarriage if it's out of love but sadly these American superiority mentality Pinays will marry an American even if these guys were as stupid as Peter Griffin in that annoying Family Guy show.

Maybe I should mention a lot of Pinays sadly have bad spending habits.  For example, I remembered running into a Pinay who was with an American boyfriend.  For one, Americans these days are pretty much overspenders as my friend who looks like Pamela Anderson told me.  Many Filipinos too are heavy overspenders.  Can't afford?  Charge it to credit until it reaches to a monster amount.  I even remembered how a wealthy Filipino was seen only eating those ice cream on a stick, the stupid Pinay woman asks her American husband to buy her a lot of expensive ice cream?  See the stupidity?


  1. Just like what Ma'am Mirium said,"stupid is foreva'.. "


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