Americans and Aging Faster: It's More of Lifestyle Huh?

I was doing some research on Americans and aging faster.  But as said, it's not really all the time that American people age faster but most do.  One example is how Pamela Anderson went from beauty queen to a massacred hag.  Looking at not just isolated examples, these are some scenarios concerning American lifestyle that contributes to why they are aging faster:

1.) Too much stress.  America can be a city of too much stress with its lifestyle and ever changing trends.  I mean, it's always catching up with trends and that creates too much stress.

2.) The unhealthy diet is another.  You are what you eat.  Eating foods that are good in nutrition help people age properly, unhealthy ones destroy the system.  You could start with all the junk food and fatty food that start to contribute to that.  A lot of Americans are obese too.  In the process, the heart is overworked causing the person to age faster.

3.) Plastic surgery.  That's what killed Pamela Anderson's natural beauty.  So much under the knife which leads to stress.  Surgeries don't make people look younger, most of them get botched and make people look much older.  Also all the liposuction doesn't get rid of the aging cells, it may actually multiply them.

4.) Tanning.  Why can't Americans just accept the fact their skin is like that?  Dark skin is beautiful only on naturally dark people and white skin is beautiful only on naturally white people.  Tanning does not do any good but damage the skin.  A tan or a bleach is never practical.

All these are really contributing factors why Americans by the average are aging badly. =(