If Only I Could Turn Back Time for Love?

Looking at tomorrow being Valentine's Day it reminds me of my rather bad breakup with my ex-girlfriend who I'm still friends with.  So how did it end?  Simple.  She discovered that I was only using her and just when I was about to be introduced to her parents, everything went wrong.  In fact she discovered me and my overly whining about my so-called first crush so she had to end it all up because she felt the relationship went nowhere.

Which of course, she would see me wallow up in misery still uttering the name of my so-called first crush and talking how much I wanted her in my arms.  Which of course, she sensed the misery that I was suffering from.  She wanted to help me clear things up so she really ended up our rather short relationship allowing me to pursue my so-called first crush but she somewhat said, "I'm sure you don't like her anymore, you'll find somebody else soon."  This of course wallowed me up in so much unnecessary misery that only when she got engaged did my heart reveal the truth all along.  Sad to say, a relationship wasted because I was just using her.

I would probably tell myself who my first crush really was to save myself from heartaches.