Pinoy Pridists and Feeling Social Lifestyle Problems: Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

You might actually see in films that most of the people with social lifestyle problems but that's not the real case.  Maybe you've seen Wild Child starring Emma Roberts or the rather lackluster Sosy Problems starring Rhian Ramos.  Now but truth should be stranger than fiction as the sosy problem is not always a problem among the rich but even the poor suffer from it.  In fact, the Philippines has its own fair share of the blame for the whole social lifestyle problems and sometimes the rich aren't the guilty party.

It's not all the time that the Philippines that a job opportunity is not available.  Some Filipinos are responsible workers, others are not.  I was remembering the Flor Contemplacion story.  No matter how they try to candy coat the movie but we see the real problem of OFWs.  It's because of poor budgeting problems that Pinoys become OFW to support the expensive lifestyles of their relatives.  While the OFW works abroad, what do the relatives do?  They spend it on useless stuff they don't need.  Why do they spend on expensive clothing when they DO NOT need it?  Why do they buy too many gadgets?  Okay I own some gadgets like a PS2, PS3, I'm an i-Pod user, I have a laptop, etc. but I don't buy the high classy ones unless they're at discount.  Maybe they won't even eat Goya chocolates which really taste good but they prefer imported chocolates even if they taste bad.  On the other hand, some rich people may actually be living simpler lifestyles and only spend money on expensive stuff that are worth the buy.

Sad to say some OFWs aren't really OFWs but drug mules.  Why is that?  I was thinking when Flor's sons were rightly locked up for drug dealing and those OFWs that were rightfully executed, why all the protests to save them?  It could be VERY SIMPLE to understand that those relatives who are trying to save them might be relying on those dirty drug mules for extra money for their fancy living.  Decent Filipino workers strive hard and earn hard, don't spend it on nonsense.  But not for most OFW families sad to say.

What's worse is that sometimes the worst offenders of social lifestyle aren't the rich but Pinoy squatters and other poor people?  You could probably have a rich man's son who is content to drive a Toyota Vios car while you have a squatter's son who won't accept help from a rich man (or maybe richer relatives) who offers a Toyota Vios because he wants a BMW.  This of course is just pretty stupid isn't it?  Impracticality, overspending, etc. results to a lot of stupid problems.  He can't even afford a car and yet he won't accept it if it wasn't a BMW?  WTF?

And if that's not all, since some Pinoys are just not even qualified to be OFWs think of downright stupid solutions.  Have a lazy son?  Look for a rich wife to raise him.  Have a lazy daughter?  Get a prince charming.  Really and if you ask me, marrying a rich partner is NOT always a solution.  Sometimes a rich heir may be just as useless as they are.

So really get real Pinoys!