Talented Filipinos- Better Off Without Philippine Government Support and Pinoy Pridist Support!

Well I would dare applaud Michael Christian Martinez for his daring to go into the Olympics in Sochi, Russia without the support of a corrupt, ingrate government headed by B.S. "Nobita" Aquino.  Well what I discovered was that other talented Filipinos made it without government support like Lea Salonga-Chien, Leondro Locsin, etc. are successful without support from a government that is making the Filipino people stupid and ignorant.  In fact, it's time I use the term "Pinoy Pridst" for lowly Filipinos and Filipinos for anybody who is pledging allegiance to the Philippine government.  Filipinos with great talent must never waste it on such stupid people and say they succeeded individually.

So what would happen if this talented Filipino gets support from the government?  For starters, most government sponsored programs from the Philippines stink.  Mediocre training is one.  In fact, I'm glad this young fella took professional training to prove that the Filipino person can go forward only if they change.  The government proves itself incompetent with all its charges.  You still have braindead politicians who despite their offenses, still keep getting elected.  You have all those onion-skinned Filipinos.  Of course, the Philippine government's overspending values will not give him support so why not let the private firms manage this talented young guy?

Pinoy pride support won't do talented Filipinos any good either.  I mean with all these Pinoy pridists, it becomes very easy for the people abroad to develop bad impressions on all Filipinos, ignoring the good ones.  Pinoy pridist support for Michael Christian Martinez will mean balimbing attitude.  When he wins, they'll soon demand him to make a heroes' call, gloat to all the defeated opponents and become a bad winner.  When he loses, they'll start saying that he has become a traitor or accuse the other party of cheating.  Pinoy pride support won't do this talented skater any good either.

In fact, how can they say that he'll win just because he's Filipino?  The logic is stupid like a Filipino applies for American Idol but isn't qualified for having a bad voice, then argues that he should be accepted because he's Filipino like Lea Salonga-Chien.  That argument is stupid because as said, there will always be talented and non-talented people in every race.

So let all sensible Filipinos support Michael Christian Martinez directly from their pockets!


  1. Sometimes, I think Pinoys are just a lot worse than Basco... :P

  2. But then, I wonder why is it that we are always being "encouraged" to always depend and support our government...?

    Man, if so, they might as well turn us into mindless robots doing their bidding. Hey, they can get lessons from Shocker or from any evil organization the Showa Riders have fought. Or, have us turned into Barizorgs... :P


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