Satirical News: Pinoy Pridist Swimmers Try to Prove They Are the Greatest Swimmers By Swimming in Jellyfish Infested Oceans!

After Anne Curtis' unfortunate encounter with a box jellyfish that stung her badly but fortunately it was not life threatening.  Just recently a group of Pinoy pridist "swimmers" after being rejected at the Olympics and said that the committee was blind to the "fact" that Pinoys are the "greatest race" took a very stupid challenge.  They decided to try to swim in jellyfish infested waters, and despite the warning sign that said, "NO SWIMMING HERE.  JELLYFISH POPULATION IS AT A BOOM." they still decided to do so anyway.

It happened just to prove how indecent they can get, they all jumped into the jellyfish infested waters which unfortunately brought them into the worst humiliating encounter worse than what Anne Curtis is suffering from right now.  The result was that they had all a series of jellyfish stings all over their body.  To make matters worse after a group of Filipino-Chinese rescued them, they spat at their rescuers refusing to be saved and they insisted on continuing their swim which sadly led to some of them dead.  Others have been rescued and sent to St. Luke's Medical Center for further treatment.  Some of them died in St. Luke's after refusing treatment from a Filipino-Spanish doctor and a Filipino-Chinese doctor.

Since some of the dead bodies of the jellyfish victims were pretty much unidentified, a Pinoy pridist body was sent to the National Geographic Institute for anthropology.  What was later discovered that Pinoy pridists' brain are smaller than a walnut and that most of their skulls are just filled with air.  One doctor who wished to be anonymous said, "We didn't know why in the world would they think they can survive that awful lot of jellyfish just because they are Pinoys until we opened their brains."