The Incompetence of the Philippines Makes It Susceptible to Bullying By Powerful Nations!

Well if you all remember Nobita as children, he was usually targeted by Damulag (Takeshi in the original) because he was always incompetent.  Sadly, the Philippines is headed by its own President Noynoy who is better called as President Nobita for his kind of ampaw performance while he's no dictator like Gaddafi or Saddam, but still a stupid leader is just as bad as a tyrant for a nation.  And Damulag could be a picture of China or any major power that could easily bully the Philippines.  Here are some reasons why the Philippines is very susceptible to bullying:

The Little Miss Late culture has been a very easy ground for being destroyed.  After all, remember how the Pinoy National Police handled the whole Rolando Murderza incident?  Outside that, Pinoys are very habitually late which causes frustration to just anybody in the country.

Poor law enforcement.  Peace and order in the Philippines is really that bad overall except for a few places.  Should China invade it, it wouldn't last a day.  Squatters abounding and activists being around is just one proof.  Another is rampant crime.

The wasteful culture.  You can take a look at the Philippines' poor and the so-called "happy state" it is.  For one, a lot of people don't have money already yet they waste it.  They love making loans and never paying for it.  The over-celebration of fiestas are also part of the whole wasteful culture as well.

Can't follow simple guidelines.  You can think they just throw trash anywhere, they don't obey traffic rules, etc.  Does it make life worth living in those areas of the Philippines where this is common?  If that's the case, really they have a wrong definition of freedom.

The victim card mentality or the Plor Kontemplasyon syndrome.  Besides they can sing Nora Aunor's "Kahit Konting Awa" all they want but facts can't be changed that a guilty person regardless of race is guilty nonetheless.

Let's not forget Pinoy pride.  They gloat how great they are only to find out that they aren't so great after all.

Really get real Philippines!  Does all these thing make it worth living in the Philippines?!